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    La Cage aux Folles – Birds of a Feather – the Mad Cage

    la Cage aux FollesGenre:
    French Cinema

    Release Date:
    October 25, 1978

    103 minutes

    Renato and Albin is a mature gay couple. They own a Night Club in San Tropez that features a Drag Queen Show. Albin, the “female” of the couple, is the star of the show and goes by the artistic name Zaza. Renato, in a moment of weakness twenty years ago, slept with a woman. He, together with Albin, raised his son Laurent. But the years have passed, Laurent is a young man and he wants to get married. The parents of Andrea, his fiancée, have very puritan beliefs, and the young couple have no idea how to tell them about Laurent’s parents. So, they decide not to tell them at all. They say a big fat lie, that Renato works for an embassy, and they think everything is fine! But when the in-laws decide to travel to San Tropez and meet Laurent’s parents, including their groom, the things go tough… the situation becomes… hm… critical. Only way out is Albin to pretend to be a woman! And they must also change the decoration of the house, so it doesn’t look like a reminiscent of Roman orgies!

    Our impressions and movie review:
    “La Cage aux Folles” (also known as “Birds of a Feather” or “the Mad Cage”), is one of the most hillarious comedies of all time. The movie script is simple yet very interesting and the performances are… divine! The facial expressions, the movements (especially the movements), clothes… will make you laugh with your sould. This movie also has a bit of social concert… this is an EXCELLENT comedy with one message or two. See it as soon as possible… and pay extra attention to Michel Serrault (as Albin) and Benny Luke (as Jacob). You will be amazed!

    La cage aux folles – Birds of a Feather – The Mad Cage – Trailer


    Το κλουβί με τις... τρελέςFrancis Veber, Édouard Molinaro, Marcello Danon, Jean Poiret

    Édouard Molinaro

    Ugo Tognazzi – Renato Baldi
    Michel Serrault – Albin Mougeotte / Zaza Napoli
    Rémi Laurent – Laurent Baldi
    Claire Maurier – Simone Deblon
    Benny Luke – Jacob
    Michel Galabru – Simon Charrier
    Carmen Scarpitta – Louise Charrier
    Luisa Maneri – Andréa Charrier
    Venantino Venantini
    Carlo Reali
    Guido Cerniglia
    Angelo Pellegrino
    Nicola D’Eramo
    Vinicio Diamanti
    Liana Del Balzo

    Nektarios Papaspirou


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