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Heidi, by Johanna Spyri

CHAPTER I HEIDI’S FIRST MOUNTAIN CLIMB On a bright June morning two figures—one a tall girl and the other a child—could be seen climbing a narrow mountain path that winds up from the pretty village of Mayenfeld, to the lofty heights of the Alm mountain. In spite of the hot […]

“How to Train Your Dragon”, by Cressida Cowell

There were dragons when I was a boy. There were great, grim, sky dragons that nested on the clifftops like gigantic scary birds. Little, brown, scuttly dragons that hunted down the mice and rats in well-organized packs. Preposterously huge Sea Dragons that were twenty times as big as the Big […]

“The Greek housedad’s sweetie”, Lena Merika

If I remember correctly, my father took care of our household twice, and both times it was because my mother was sick in the hospital for few days. Both times it was a family trauma (thank God that’s not related to my mother’s health) and we gained variegated knowledge. For […]

Mary’s Little Lamb, by Edith Francis Foster

Mary’s Little Lamb – A Picture Guessing Story for Little Children 3 5 MARY’S LITTLE LAMB CONTENTS How Mary found him How they washed him How they fed him How he went to school How he wouldn’t jump How Little Mary spun How he went boating How Dollabella took a […]

The Storks, by Hans Christian Andersen

Upon the last house in a little town there stood a stork’s nest. The stork-mother sat in the nest, with her four young ones, which stuck out their heads, with their little black beaks, for their beaks had not yet become red. Not far off, upon the ridge of the […]

The Constant Tin Soldier, by Hans Christian Andersen

There were, once upon a time, five-and-twenty tin soldiers; they were all brothers, for they were born of an old tin spoon. They held their arms in their hands, and their faces were all alike; their uniform was red and blue, and very beautiful. The very first word which they […]

A Night in the Kitchen, by Hans Christian Andersen

Once upon a time, there was a bunch of brimstone matches, which were exceedingly proud, because they were of high descent; their ancestral tree, that is to say, the great fir tree, of which they were little bits of chips, had been a great, old tree in the forest. The […]

The Rose Elf, by Hans Christian Andersen

There grew a rose-tree in the middle of a garden; it was quite full of roses; and in one of these, the prettiest of them all, dwelt an elf. He was so very, very small, that no human eye could see him; behind every leaf in the rose he had […]

The Naughty Boy, by Hans Christian Andersen

There was once upon a time an old poet, such a really good old poet! One evening, he sat at home—it was dreadful weather out of doors—the rain poured down; but the old poet sat so comfortably, and in such a good humor, beside his stove, where the fire was […]

“The 13 1/2 Lives Of Captain Bluebear”, by Walter Moers

“The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear” (original title in German: “Die 13 1/2 Leben des Kapt’n Blaubar”). That’s a strange book title, isn’t it? Why 13 1/2 lives and not 13, or 14. Why not 12? And I must admit that I heard of white bears, brown bears and, […]