Lucy 2014


Action, Science Fiction

Release Date:
July 25, 2014

90 minutes

Lucy is a pretty young woman. We met her just outside a hotel at Taipei in a quarrel with her, just the last five days, boyfriend. He tries to convince her to deliver a suitcase to a hotel client. Lucy is right to object cause Richard, that’s her boyfriend, is not really a nice guy. Yet Richard, when he sees he cannot convince her, he handcuffs her with the suitcase. Having no other option, Lucy goes into the hotel and ask for Mr Jang at the reception.

The follow-up is tragical! Jang is a criminal mastermind and his thugs kidnap the girl. After a surgery, Lucy wakes up with a package of drugs into her abdomen. The instructions are simple. She, and three more unlucky guys who have undergone the same surgery, will travel to Europe. There she will meet with other mobsters, who will remove the drugs from her body and her adventure will end. If she doesn’t comply, the lives of her family members will be in danger.

But, Lucy is unlucky and the package breaks open inside her, releasing slowly the drug into her body. This has an unforeseen consequence: it raises the percentage of her brain usage, giving her unbelievable abilities. Skills that will help her to eliminate this criminal organization and withdraw this new drug from circulation.

Our impressions and movie review:

lucyI have several objection for “Lucy”. First of all, according to the scenario there is a drug that does not kill you, but makes you some kind of superman. wonderful message sir writer-director! The second objection is the scenario in general… it has many holes and the movie is a low quality action movie. In general, a but of science fiction, a bit of action, few good scenes, a little bit of everything. With one word? This movie is just… TOO LITTLE! So, my recommendation is to keep walking, at least don’t see this movie in cinema. When it is released on DVD… I don’t know… if you cannot find anything better to do, see Lucy!

Movie Quote from Lucy

Professor Norman: We humans are more concerned with having than with being.

Movie Quote from Lucy

Lucy: [at the end of the movie] Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what you can do with it.

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Lucy – Trailer (Greek subs)


Luc Besson

Luc Besson

Scarlett Johansson – Lucy
Morgan Freeman – Professor Norman
Min-sik Choi – Mr. Jang
Amr Waked – Pierre Del Rio
Julian Rhind-Tutt – The Limey
Pilou Asbæk – Richard
Analeigh Tipton – Caroline
Nicolas Phongpheth – Jii
Jan Oliver Schroeder – French Mule
Luca Angeletti – Italian Mule
Loïc Brabant – Professor
Pierre Grammont – Professor
Pierre Poirot – Professor
Bertrand Quoniam – Professor
Pascal Loison – Drug Addict
Pierre Gérard – Airport Doctor
Isabelle Cagnat – Airport Nurse
Frédéric Chau – Cabin Manager
Claire Tran – Flight Attendant
François Legrand – Business Man Plane
Bob Martet – Customs Officer
Cédric Chevalme – Cop Daniel
Alexis Rangheard – Cop Robert
Tonio Descanvelle – Cop Sergeant
Christophe Lavalle – Cop
Julien Personnaz – Cop
Matthew Bravais – Student
Renaud Cestre – Student
Thibault Segouin – Student
Claire Zaniolo – Student
Alessandro Giallocosta – Marco Brezzi
Wolfgang Pissors – Berlin Custom Officer
Sifan Shao – Chinese Doctor
Paul Chan – Taipei Surgeon

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