Expendables 3 – 2014


Expendables 3 - 2014Genre:
Action, Adventure, Thriller

Release Date:
August 4, 2014

126 minutes

The Expendables attack an armored train with helicopters. Christmas (Jason Statham) gets on the train, of course while it is moving, and releases a prisoner. He is Doctor Death (Wesley Snipes), a former Expendable, who before escaping ensures that the train crashes on the prison, to kill his pursuers and let us see the first big bang of the movie. A little later, Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) convince Doc to join them on a mission in Somalia. There, in a port, they attack their target to discover that, in fact, he is Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson). Barney and Doc recognize him on sight and in the battle that follows Stonebanks gets away and the Expendables are almost getting killed.

Conrad Stonebanks and Barney had assembled the Expendables, expendables 3but Conrad soon betrayed his comrades for the profits of smuggling weapons. Barney chased him, shot him and believed that he had killed him. Now, he lets go the Expendables because he does not want to see one of his friends dead, and he forms a new group without tomorrow, with the primary target to kill Stonebanks. Will they succeed?

Our impressions and movie review:
We must emphasize that Mel Gibson steals the show as the film’s villain and Patrick Hughes does a great job as a director. Stallone is not that good but it certainly count as positive that he wrote the scenario and he got the idea for the Expendables movie series. Antonio Banderas has so little time on screen as Godzilla on Gareth Edwards’ film, but Schwarzenegger appears for even less minutes. Of course Arnie is one of the producers and he does the promoting of the films, so… we will forgive him 😉 Remember that Expendables 4 is just around the corner and it is rumored that Pierce Brosnan will join the cast!

Expendables 3 – Trailer (Greek subs)

Expendables 3 - 2014


Sylvester Stallone, Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt

Patrick Hughes


Sylvester Stallone – Barney Ross
Jason Statham – Lee Christmas
Harrison Ford – Drummer
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Trench
Mel Gibson – Stonebanks
Wesley Snipes – Doc
Dolph Lundgren – Gunner Jensen
Randy Couture – Toll Road
Terry Crews – Caesar
Kelsey Grammer – Bonaparte
Glen Powell – Thorn
Antonio Banderas – Galgo
Victor Ortiz – Mars
Ronda Rousey – Luna
Kellan Lutz – Smilee
Jet Li – Yin Yang
Ivan Kostadinov – Krug
Robert Davi – Goran Vata
Nikolay Stoyanov Ilchev – Local Cop #1 (as Nikolay Ilchev)
Daniel Angelov – Local Cop #2
Slavi Slavov – Warden
Dimiter Doichinov – Head Bodyguard (as Dimitar Doytchinov)
Nikolay Stanoev – Tech Guy
Harry Anichkin – Colonel
Boswell Maloka – Somali Drug Warlord
Natalie Burn – Conrad’s Wife
Velizar Binev – Art Broker
Sarai Givaty – Camilla
Liubomir Simeonov – Cyclops
Frank Pesce – Fight Watcher
Thomas Canestraro – Conrad’s Henchman