Black Sea – 2014


Επιχείρηση Μαύρη ΘάλασσαGenre:
Adventure, Thriller

Release Date:
December 5th, 2014

114 minutes

Robinson (Jude Law) is a former submarine commander who is now unemployed. His obligations and the financial difficulties will force him take a foolhardy decision. He will lead a crew of Russians and British who will search the depths of the Black Sea for the lost Nazi gold. It seems that the most difficult task will be to get a submarine. Daniels (Scoot McNairy) will help, whose rich employer is willing to take risks to increase his wealth. It will be easy to find men, because of the unemployment and the economic crisis. Captain Robinson intends to cut equal shares of the profits for every crew member. But, wherever is gold, greed follows. Some men think that for every man who dies, the share of the rest increases. And the Black Sea beckons relentless for their mistakes, to keep them forever in her depths. Where their El Dorado is, the lost gold of the Nazis. Will they succeed in becoming rich?

Our impressions and movie review:
Black Sea 2014The movie “Black Sea” is a claustrophobic thriller for strong guts. The first 45 minutes of the film pass a bit slowly, with the screenwriter Dennis Kelly introducing the protagonists and building up the plot. The language barrier between British and Russians, greed and suspicion do not take long to cause tensions among the crew members. Jude Law as the submarine commander, holds firmly the reins, but he cannot prevent conflicts with his power. The suspense in the second part of the film is very intense and the director Kevin Macdonald is doing his job very well. The film “Black Sea” was released in Greek cinemas on February 26, 2015, by Odeon.

Black Sea – Trailer (Greek subs, Full HD)

Black Sea - 2014

Quote from the movie Black Sea

-Robinson you can’t be serious. This wreck? This wreck is gonna sink!
-Fuckin’ useless sub if it don’t!

Quote from the movie Black Sea

-We just want to live more. Can we just live?


Dennis Kelly

Kevin Macdonald

Jude Law – Captain Robinson
Jodie Whittaker – Chrissy
Tobias Menzies – Lewis
Scoot McNairy – Daniels
Ben Mendelsohn – Fraser
Grigoriy Dobrygin – Morozov
David Threlfall – Reynolds
Paulina Boneva – Job Center Worker
Karl Davies – Liam
June Smith – Woman in black in bar
Konstantin Khabenskiy – Blackie
Daniel Ryan – Kurston
Georg Nikoloff – Ukrainian drunk 1
Bobby Schofield – Tobin
Branwell Donaghey – Gittens
Paul Terry – Dog Walker
Sergey Puskepalis – Zaytsev
Sergey Kolesnikov – Levchenko
Sergey Veksler – Baba
Yuri Klimov – Admiral

Production Companies and Distributors:
Focus Features
Cowboy Films
Etalon Film