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    Divergent – 2014

    Divergent - 2014Genre:
    Science Fiction

    Release Date:
    March 18, 2014

    139 minutes

    We are in a Dystopia in the future. The world is divided in five factions to eliminate the reasons behind conflicts and wars. Each teen – regardless of what faction his family belongs to – chooses the group that he will join, follow and serve. Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Erudite (the intelligent) or Dauntless (the brave). Whatever the choice there is only one rule: faction before blood!

    The main protagonist, Trish (Shailene Woodley), is born in an Abnegation family but chooses to become a Dauntless. This is not the easiest thing to do. She competes hard and finally is accepted into her new “family”, with the help of Four (Theo James). But the day the Initiates become full members of the faction, a “storm” breaks … the leaders of Erudite and Dauntless have made a secret agreement to overthrow their government and become the new rulers. Did they made it? They would have, but for the Divergents…

    Our impressions and review:
    You guessed ight! The movie Divergent is based on the book “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. A book loved by millions of readers around the world, a fact that made the filmmakers task very difficult. Did they succeed? I believe that they did really well! The movie script if very close to the book story, the main and most important aspects are present in the movie. Besides that… the scenery is very good, the casting is great, and the plot flows fast with many moment of high adrenaline! With a few words… this is a remarkable action movie that will satisfy the readers of Veronica Roth’s books. See this movie ASAP! 🙂

    Divergent – Trailer (greek subs)


    Evan Daugherty, Vanessa Taylor

    Neil Burger

    Shailene Woodley – Tris
    Theo James – Four
    Ashley Judd – Natalie
    Jai Courtney – Eric
    Ray Stevenson – Marcus
    Zoë Kravitz – Christina
    Miles Teller – Peter
    Tony Goldwyn – Andrew
    Ansel Elgort – Caleb
    Maggie Q – Tori
    Mekhi Phifer – Max
    Kate Winslet – Jeanine
    Ben Lloyd-Hughes – Will
    Christian Madsen – Al
    Amy Newbold – Molly

    Production Companies and Distributors
    Summit Entertainment
    Red Wagon Entertainment

    Νεκτάριος Παπασπύρου

    Have a glance at our review about the book “Divergent” by Veronica Roth by clicking here!


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