The Fox and the Child – Le Renard et l’ Enfant – 2007


the fox and the childGenre:
Adventure, Family

Release Date:
November 28, 2007

92 minutes

A little girl somewhere in the countryside in eastern France. An autumn day, as she passes through the woods to get to school, she sees a fox. The fox runs away, but the girl is too excited and wishes they meet again.

Our protagonist, from now on, spends her free time in the woods. Even during winter she explores, learns to read the animal tracks in the snow, searches for the nest of the fox. An accident, when she tries to escape a wolf pack, keeps her in bed for the rest of the winter, with leg plaster. But once spring comes, she runs back to the forest, trying persistently, till she finally manages to become friends with the fox, and sees the world through different eyes.

Our impressions and movie review:
The love for animals and the existence of love in human heart is the centerpiece of this beautiful and powerful film. On the one hand, a young girl is fascinated by a clever fox and as they approach she gets even closer to nature. On the other, forest, lush landscapes, rich natural environment, images that take your breath away with their beauty. Images that seem foreign and unfamiliar for all of us who grew up in cities, but images so much more beautiful that all the cement, traffic, noise of our daily lives. At times I really cannot figure out how in fifty and something years we have managed to change so much, and what was the way of life for everyone since the Creation of the World, seems now so magical and unreal to us.

A message of love and freedom, life and ecology by Luc Jacquet (“March of the Penguins”) and Eric Rognard. A film suitable for the whole family, but especially for small and… really big kids 😉 The scenery is breathtaking, you feel like you are in the forest, and the scenes with the animals, the real stars of this movie are fantastic and made me think that, in the last ten years, while the Hollywood is spent on explosions and visual effects, the French has caught the true essence of Cinema. A movie that clearly shows the difference between love and possession (ownership). And, if you love someone or something, this does not mean that necessarily you will live your whole life together, nor that your love will fade away if you move on. A beautiful movie that tries to remind us that as we have alienated ourselves from Nature, we actually became alienated from our true self. See “the Fox and the Kid”, it is a wonderful movie!

The Fox and the Child – Le Renard et l’ Enfant – Trailer


Luc Jacquet, Eric Rognard

Luc Jacquet

Bertille Noël-Bruneau – young girl
Isabelle Carré – Narrator (the young girl, adult)
Thomas Laliberté – young boy

Cast for the english translation:
Camille Lambert – Judie
Kate Winslet – Narrator

Production Companies and Distributors:
Bonne Pioche
France 3 Cinéma
Wild Bunch
Conseil General de l’Ain
Pathé UK