Edge of Tomorrow – 2014


Στα όρια του αύριοGenre:
Science Fiction

Release Date:
May 28, 2014

113 minutes

Aliens are invading Earth and they have already taken over Europe. Our scientists have created a Powered Exoskeleton fully loaded with weapons, and at last the world seems to have a chance. General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson), the coordinator of United Defence Forces, is going to launch a full-scale attack on the aliens. Humans hope that they will halt the alien onslaught, surround the alien forces and eliminate them. General Brigham orders Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) to fight in the forefront. But Cage is a PR officer who has never taken part in combat, and he tries to persuade – blackmail the General to keep himself out of danger. Cage is sent to his unit one day before the attacked and, as you understand, he has zero training! The attack is launched next morning and William Cage is killed in the very beginning of the battle. But, few seconds before dying, an alien creature – by accident – transmits something in his blood. This makes him… relive the last 24 hours of his life, again and again, each time he gets killed. Where will this – impossible by physical laws – state lead? What role will play Rita Vrataski, the most famous soldier? Is there any hope for salvation for humankind? Well, you know… you will find the answers… on screen!

Our impressions and movie review:
Edge of TomorrowAction, action and more action! “Edge of Tomorrow – 2014” is a science fiction film that will not disappoint the lovers of this genre. The movie is built on a very clever script. Many modern techniques of the seventh art are applied in the field of Special Effects and these are supplemented by good performances from the actors. If you are a sci-fi or action films fan, then you must see this movie. It smells fresh and… war! And this is a war against… aliens!

Movie Quote from Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage: What I am about to tell you sounds crazy. But you have to listen to me. Your very lives depend on it. You see, this isn’t the first time.

Movie Quote from Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage: I’m not a soldier.
Rita Vrataski: Of course not. You’re a weapon.

Movie Quote from Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage: [while in training] Stop! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop! Wait a second, wait a second! I’ve been thinking… I mean, this thing is in my blood. So maybe there’s some way I can transfer it to you.
Rita Vrataski: I’ve tried everything, it doesn’t work.
Bill Cage: I mean have you tried… you know… tried ALL the options.
Rita Vrataski: Oh, you mean sex? Yeah, tried it.
Bill Cage: …how many times?
Rita Vrataski: Alright…

Movie Quote from Edge of Tomorrow

Rita Vrataski: What do we do now?
Bill Cage: I don’t know, we’ve never made it this far before!

Edge of Tomorrow – Trailer (greek subs)


Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth

Doug Liman

Tom Cruise – William Cage
Emily Blunt – Rita Vrataski
Brendan Gleeson – General Brigham
Bill Paxton – Master Sergeant Farell
Jonas Armstrong – Skinner
Tony Way – Kimmel
Kick Gurry – Griff
Franz Drameh – Ford
Dragomir Mrsic – Kuntz
Charlotte Riley – Nance
Masayoshi Haneda – Takeda
Terence Maynard – Sergeant Cruel
Noah Taylor – Dr Carter
Lara Pulver – Karen Lord
Madeleine Mantock – Julie

Production Companies and Distributors:
Village Roadshow Pictures
RatPac-Dune Entertainment
3 Arts Entertainment
Viz Productions
Village Films

Official Site

On the official site for this movie, you can play for free the game Live. Die. Repeat. and fight the aliens!

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