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  • 22.12.14


    Still Alice – 2014

    Still AliceGenre:

    Release Date:
    September 8th, 2014

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    Alice Howland is a professor of linguistics at Columbia University. Her husband John is a doctor and they have three children. Their children are now grown up and are independent now, but they always are a loving and knit family. But the happiness of this family is under threat. Alice has Alzheimer, a disease very rare for people of her age, but sometimes it happens. The procession to Calvary begins and both Alice and her relatives will face unprecedented emotions and situations…

    Our impressions and movie review:
    The great film “Still Alice” is based on the novel with the same title by Lisa Genova, which was published in USA in 2007. Even though the screen writers – I can’t tell you about the book – have rounded the world of Alzheimer, still alice 2014the film still is like a punch in the stomach. The excellent performance of Julianne Moore make the scenes very realistic and very shocking. This dramatic film is not suitable for a movie night to relax with pizza or snacks. But this is one of the films the whole family can watch and discuss. Alzheimer disease does not ask you before it enters your house, and when it does it turns your life upside down. Therefore it is a good idea to learn about Alzheimer and see how can we stand against this and stand by our people who are affected.

    Still Alice – Trailer


    Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland

    Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland

    Julianne Moore – Dr. Alice Howland
    Kristen Stewart – Lydia Howland
    Kate Bosworth – Anna Howland-Jones
    Alec Baldwin – Dr. John Howland
    Hunter Parrish – Tom Howland
    Seth Gilliam – Frederic Johnson
    Victoria Cartagena – Prof. Hooper
    Shane McRae – Charlie Howland-Jones
    Erin Darke – Jenny
    Eha Urbsalu – Alice Howland’s Mother
    Rosa Arredondo – Convention Facilitator
    Orlagh Cassidy – Primary Care Doctor
    Stephen Kunken – Dr. Benjamin
    Daniel Gerroll – Eric Wellman
    Cali T. Rossen – Leslie
    Quincy Tyler Bernstine – Nursing Home Administrator
    Kristin Macomber – Anne
    Nicole Rajchel – Young Alice
    Caridad Martinez – Elena

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