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    Guardians of the Galaxy – 2014

    Guardians of the GalaxyGenre:
    Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

    Release Date:
    July 21, 2014

    121 minutes

    In 1988 Peter Quill, a kid back then, is abducted by aliens.

    Since then, 26 years have passed, and Peter calls himself Star Lord and, despite the impressive alias, he is a mere thief in outer space. But, when he steals a mysterious Orb, thing begin to take an unexpected turn. Korath, having failed to prevent him from stealing the Orb, reports to Ronan, the Accussor of Kree Empire. Ronan in turn, wants the Orb to offer it to Thanos as an exchange for the destruction of Xandar, the base-planet of Nova Corps, a space police force. Gamora offers to chase and get Peter Quill.

    Peter is on Xandar and he is trying, unsuccessfully, to sell the Orb on the black market. Gamora meets him and attacks him, but, on the same time, he is attacked from Rocket Raccoon and Groot, who wants the price for Peter’s head. Not a very smart move in a planet full of police officers, don’t you agree? And indeed they catch them and send them to prison-planet Kyln (actually it is an artificial satellite but you get the point). Our protagonists escape and discover that the Orb contains an Infinity Stone, which, if it falls into the wrong hands, will mean the end of the world. So, they decide to make a new start in life and to try to stop the bad guys and save the world and not only… because now, they are: the Guardians of the Galaxy!

    Our impressions and movie review:
    Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy is a movie based on Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy. The strength of this, too much advertised, movie lies on the funny scenes. Many of these are related to the walkman of Peter Quill! Remember that he was just a little kid in the 80s when he was abducted by aliens. There are also some good puns and gags with Peter’s quotes and his way of thinking. He is a such a wannabe but he has a great heart too!

    Many good actors have a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. Among them are Zoe Saldana, Djimon Hounsou, Glenn Close, Benicio del Toro. However, James Gunn does a mediocre, and sometimes bad, job as a director. Additionaly the writers tried to fit into the scenario too much information and too many comic book characters from the Marvel Universe. But I did find funny that the Collector, who has an eye on the Infinity Stone too, has in his collection Howard the Duck and Cosmo the Spacedog. If you are a comics fanatic or a fan of Marvel movies, you will see it for sure. Otherwise you will pass…

    Movie Quote from Guardians of the Galaxy

    Rhomann Dey: Drax aka the Destroyer. Since his wife and family were killed, he’s been on a rampage across the galaxy in a search for vengeance.
    Gamora. Soldier, assassin, wanted on over a dozen counts of murder.
    Rocket. Wanted on over 50 charges of vehicular theft and escape from custody.
    Nova Corps Officer: What the hell?
    Rhomann Dey: Groot. He’s been travelling recently as Rocket’s personal houseplant slash muscle.
    Peter Jason Quill. He’s also known as Star-Lord.
    Nova Corps Officer: Who calls him that?
    Rhomann Dey: Himself, mostly. Wanted mostly on charges of minor assault, public intoxication and fraud…
    They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Nova Corps Officer: What a bunch of assholes.

    Movie Quote from Guardians of the Galaxy

    Nova Prime Rael: The fate of 12 billion people is in your hands.
    Peter Quill: Hold on a second, you’re being serious right now?

    Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer (Greek subs)


    James Gunn, Nicole Perlman

    James Gunn

    Chris Pratt – Peter Quill
    Zoe Saldana – Gamora
    Dave Bautista – Drax
    Vin Diesel – Groot (voice)
    Bradley Cooper – Rocket (voice)
    Lee Pace – Ronan
    Michael Rooker – Yondu Udonta
    Karen Gillan – Nebula
    Djimon Hounsou – Korath
    John C. Reilly – Corpsman Dey
    Glenn Close – Nova Prime
    Benicio Del Toro – The Collector
    Laura Haddock – Meredith Quill
    Sean Gunn – Kraglin / On Set Rocket
    Peter Serafinowicz – Denarian Saal
    Christopher Fairbank – The Broker
    Krystian Godlewski – On Set Groot
    Wyatt Oleff – Young Quill
    Gregg Henry – Grandpa
    Janis Ahern – Meredith’s Mother
    Solomon Mousley – Meredith’s Brother
    Lindsay Morton – Meredith’s Best Friend
    Robert Firth – Dr. Fitzgibbon
    Melia Kreiling – Bereet
    Tom Proctor – Horuz
    Nick Holmes – Horuz’s Mate
    Max Wrottesley – Sacrifice Nova Corpsman
    Stan Lee – Xandarian Ladies’ Man
    Nicole Alexandra Shipley – Pretty Xandarian
    Sharif Atkins – Nova Arresting Pilot
    Brendan Fehr – Corpsman Dey’s Partner
    Tomas Arana – Kree Ambassador
    Mikaela Hoover – Nova Prime’s Assistant
    Emmett Scanlan – Head Riot Guard
    Dominic Grant – Angry Guard
    Spencer Wilding – Mean Guard
    Alison Lintott – Sad Woman with Horns
    Alexis Rodney – Moloka Dar
    Nathan Fillion – Monstrous Inmate (voice)
    Keeley Forsyth – Mottled Prisoner
    Frank Gilhooley – Burly Prisoner
    Alexis Denisof – The Other
    Enzo Cilenti – Watchtower Guard
    Richard Katz – One Legged Prisoner
    Enoch Frost – Rifle Guard
    Ronan Summers – ‘Drop the Leg’ Guard
    Ophelia Lovibond – Carina
    Laura Ortiz – Tortured Pink Girl
    Marama Corlett – Pit Boss
    Rosie Jones – Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
    Abidemi Sobande – Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
    Alex Rose – Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
    Ekaterina Zalitko – Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
    Emily Redding – Lady of the Boot of Jemiah
    Fred – Cosmo the Space Dog
    Stephen Blackehart – Knowhere Dispatcher
    Jennifer Moylan-Taylor – Sad Krylorian Girl
    Bruce Mackinnon – One-Eyed Ravager
    Ralph Ineson – Ravager Pilot
    Rob Zombie – Ravager Navigator (voice)
    Naomi Ryan – Nova Centurion
    John Brotherton – Nova Starblaster Pilot
    Graham Shiels – Alien Nova Pilot
    James Gunn – Maskless Sakaaran
    Douglas Robson – Maskless Sakaaran
    Rachel Cullen – Corpsman Dey’s Wife
    Isabella Poynton – Corpsman Dey’s Daughter
    Imogen Poynton – Corpsman Dey’s Daughter
    David Yarovesky – Goth Ravager
    Miriam Lucia – Crying Xandarian Citizen
    Josh Brolin – Thanos
    Seth Green – Howard the Duck

    To see Deleted Scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) click here!



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