Ingredients: 3 cups cooked chickpeas 2 cups bread 2 onions 1/2 cup dill a little spearmint a little wine salt and pepper vegetable oil for frying Method: Peel the onions and pass the through the cheese grater. Squeeze them in your hands to remove excessive liquids. Pass the chickpeas throughTake a Glance

Ingredients: Long Aubergines Salt Flour Oil Method: We wash our aubergines and cut them in oblong slices. In a small pot put water and salt. We place the eggplant slices orderly in our pot. We must be careful all the time not to “confuse” the aubergines. Let them boil toTake a Glance

Ingredients: 4 large zucchini 500 gr small mushrooms 1 large onion 2 garlic cloves 3/4 cup crumbled feta cheese some grated mozzarella salt pepper paprika thyme olive oil Method: We wash our zucchini and cut them in half. We scoop out with a spoon their center, and keep somewhere whatTake a Glance

Ingredients: 1 kg ripe tomatoes 6 eggs olive oil salt pepper Method: We wash the tomatoes well and we peel them. We cut up the tomatoes in small pieces and we put them in a deep non-stick frying pan with some olive oil. We set the temperature in medium heatTake a Glance

Ingredients: 1 white cabbage 1 cup of rice 2 onions 2 carrots 1 bunch of Parsley 1 bunch of dill 2-3 chopped tomatoes Salt, pepper, cumin 2 cups olive oil Method: Set a saucepan of water to boil. Remove the outer leaves from the cabbage. Put the internal leaves (2-3Take a Glance

Ingredients: 1/2 kg potatoes 8 eggs Salt, pepper Lot of olive oil Method: Shell the potatoes and cut the into thin sticks. Heat the oil (plentifully) in a pan on middle heat and frie the potatoes. Whisk the eggs, season with salt and pepper. Add the curd and roast theTake a Glance

Ingredients: 4 – 5 eggs 1 onion cut in small pieces spearmint salt – pepper 3 spoonfuls flour grated cheese crumbs of 1 bread slice Method: Use a grater with the onion and then add salt, spearmint, pepper, flour, the grated cheese and the crumbs of bread. We mix themTake a Glance

Ingredients: 6 green peppers (big) 300 gr. traditional greek cream cheese (anthotiro) 2 teaspoons onion cut in multi 2 teaspoons low fat margarine salt, peper, paprika, cumin Method: We put in a bowl the cheese, the onion, the margarine and the spices and we kneed them till we have aTake a Glance