Silent Wedding – Nunta Mută – 2008


silent wedding nunta mutăGenre:
Comedy, Drama

Release Date:
June 6, 2008

87 minutes

We are in a small village in post-war Romania. The country is under Russian control. The few villagers are living their everyday life in their own way, a life with a scent, an aroma, a color of Balkans. Among them are Mara and Iancu. A young couple that enjoy their love on the outskirts of the settlement. This, of course, is not a secret and at some point the girl’s father decides that they must be married. The big day arrives and all the locals are invited to the feast. They are about to start the celebration when a Russian army officer stops them declaring a seven-day mourning for the passing of Joseph Stalin. The officer says they are not allowed to marry and if they dare to make any celebrations they will be considered traitors and the penalty will be death!

Yet, the people of the village decide to disobey that order and make a… silent wedding! The legs of the chairs are wrapped with rags, glasses and bottles of wine are wrapped with cloths, and so are the mouths of the children. The celebration begins and not even a whisper can be heard! The musicians pretend to play, the newly married dance in silence, friends and relatives give wishes to them with nodes or with the “broken telephone” technique (“chinese whispers). Then a great storm came up, with thunder and lightning, and believing they are covered they begin to sing, dance and give their wishes loudly. Suddenly… a battle tank destroys a wall and Russian soldiers invade the home, capturing all men…

Our impressions and movie review:
Nunta Mută – Silent wedding“, a Romanian production, is an excellent movie that will make you laugh your heart out and your soul will be touched. Focused on customs and traditions, this movie describes a place similar to Greece after World War II. It was just like the memories my father narrated to me for his village. The one but significant difference is the presence of the russian factor – totally absent from Greece.

I believe you will enjoy all the 87 minutes of “Nunta Mută – Silent wedding” and I am very confident that you will find food for thoughts. This movie is based on a true story and that makes it even better. It can also serve as a treatment against Hollywood blockbusters – they become annoying after a while!

Movie Quote from Silent Wedding – Nunta Mută – 2010:

-What used to be here?
-A village. The communists destroyed it to build a factory. Now that’s being destroyed by the capitalists to rebuild a village. A holiday village!

Movie Quote from Silent Wedding – Nunta Mută – 2010:

The Circus is here. People! Roll Up! Roll Up! The Seven Wonders of the World for only two pennies. and three from tail to head! People, people come closer! The Bearded Lady! Draw up! Draw up!

Nunta Mută – Silent Wedding – Trailer

Nunta muta - Silent weddingCredits:

Adrian Lustig, Horatiu Malaele

Horatiu Malaele

Meda Andreea Victor – Mara
Alexandru Potocean – Iancu
Valentin Teodosiu – Grigore Aschie
Alexandru Bindea – Gogonea
Ioana Anastasia Anton – Smaranda
Luminita Gheorghiu – Fira
Serban Pavlu – Coriolan
Victor Rebengiuc – Grandpa
Tamara Buciuceanu-Botez – Grandma
Tudorel Filimon – Haralambie
George Ivascu – Communist Agitator
George Mihaita – Gogonea Jr.
Doru Ana – Cârnu
Mihai Constantin – Godfather

Production Companies and Distributors
Castel Film Studio
Agat Films & Cie
Samsa Film

Nektarios Papaspirou