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  • 29.08.14


    The Calling – 2014

    the calling 2014Genre:

    Release Date:
    August 5, 2014

    108 minutes

    Fort Dundas is a quiet city in the provinces of Canada. The police has not faced a murder case the last four years. This is the reason why our two detectives – Hazel is one of them – are a bit rusty. This inaction stops precipitously with a string of hideous murders. At first the victims seem to have nothing in common. The two detectives take action and try to find the edge of a thread which reaches across Canada, from East to West. As for the mysterious stranger who calls himself an alternative therapist? I will tell you one thing… he is directly connected with a lost in time – since early Christianity – prayer of resurrection called “Liberare Eos” and, of course, the murders.

    Our impressions and movie review:
    This is a movie adaptation of the novel “The Calling”, 2008, by Canadian author Michael Redhill (published under the pseudonym Inger Ash Wolfe) and it is a remarkable thriller. The talented actors realize a clever and noteworthy scenario. And all these to delight the film lovers of crime thrillers around the world. The scenery from the snowy Canadian landscape is the cherry on top of a delicious and enjoyable cinematic cake. A piece of this cake is awaiting for you to enjoy. Do not delay! 😀

    Movie Quote from The Calling

    -Why did you bring me here?
    -You brought us together. You heard the calling when everyone around you could not. And you chose to become a part of it. This is where we’re supposed to be, together, under the eyes of God. And this is where it will end.

    The Calling – Trailer


    Scott Abramovitch

    Jason Stone

    Susan Sarandon – Hazel Micallef
    Gil Bellows – Detective Ray Green
    Ellen Burstyn – Emily Micallef
    Topher Grace – Ben Wingate
    Donald Sutherland – Father Price
    Christopher Heyerdahl – Simon
    Kristin Booth – Grace Batten
    Amanda Brugel – Officer Vongarner
    Katy Breier – Melanie Cartright
    Ella Ballentine – Rose Batten
    Paulino Nunes – Officer Mathieson
    Jonathan Watton – Father Glendinning
    Jane Moffat – Jane Buck
    Kevin Parent – Spere
    Shane Daly – Dale Varney
    Janine Parkinson – Mason’s Secretary
    Courtney Lyons – Jolene
    Darren Josephs – Police Officer

    Nektarios Papaspirou



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