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    Remains of the Day

    Remains of the DayGenre:

    Release Date:
    November 15, 1993

    134 minutes

    James Stevens is, for many years, the butler of Darlington Hall. The impressive mansion now belongs to, the former Member of the Parliament, Jack Lewis. Stevens, in an effort to reorganize the staff after the decline that followed Lord Darlington’s death, thought to ask the help of Miss Kenton. A worthy steward who worked there before the war. So he travels to the town she now lives. During this short trip, in just two days, he remembers his life as a butler of Lord Darlington, when Miss Kenton worked with him. The young girl that would have changed his life if… You will discover this and much more, when you watch the movie! 😀

    Our impressions and movie review:
    “Remains of the Day” is based on the book with the same title by Kazuo Ishiguro, first published in 1989. Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki and raised in Britain. This is a remarkable film that gives you the intense fragrance of Britain between the two World Wars. Although the greater part of the film takes place in the mansion of Lord Darlington, just outside Oxford, there is a plethora of interesting ethnographic elements. Of course the movie plot is about the relationship between two people, the butler and the housekeeper. A devoted to his task, workaholic man, and a woman who loves him, but because of the morals of their era, cannot do anything to wake him up! What’s the score? Two lifes wasted in time, lost in retreats, but in the end of a particular day, with one glance, they say in a moment everything that have not been said in years! With the moral: do not fight your heart and do not bury your feelings, with a beautiful plot and excellent performances – Anthony Hopkins was AMAZING. I believe you must add “Remains of the Day” in your movies to see list.

    Remains of the Day – Trailer


    Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

    James Ivory

    Christopher Reeve – Jack Lewis
    Anthony Hopkins – James Stevens
    Emma Thompson – Miss Kenton
    Caroline Hunt – Landlady
    James Fox – Lord Darlington
    Peter Vaughan – William Stevens
    Paula Jacobs – Mrs. Mortimer, the cook
    Ben Chaplin – Charlie, Head Footman
    Steve Dibben – George, Second Footman
    Abigail Hopkins – Housemaid
    Patrick Godfrey – Spencer
    Peter Cellier – Sir Leonard Bax
    Peter Halliday – Canon Tufnell
    Hugh Grant – Reginald Cardinal
    Terence Bayler – Trimmer
    Jeffry Wickham – Viscount Bigge
    Hugh Sweetman – Scullery boy
    Michael Lonsdale – Dupont D’Ivry
    Brigitte Kahn – Baroness
    John Savident – Doctor Meredith
    Tony Aitken – Postmaster
    Emma Lewis – Elsa
    Joanna Joseph – Irma
    Rupert Vansittart – Sir Geoffrey Wren
    Tim Pigott-Smith – Thomas Benn
    Christopher Brown – Wren’s friend
    Lena Headey – Lizzie
    Paul Copley – Harry Smith
    Ian Redford – Publican
    Jo Kendall – Publican’s wife
    Steven Beard – Andrews
    Pip Torrens – Doctor Richard Carlisle
    Frank Shelley – Prime Minister
    Peter Eyre – Lord Halifax
    Jestyn Phillips – Foreign Office official
    Wolf Kahler – German ambassador
    Frank Höltje – German Embassy official
    Andreas Töns – German Embassy official
    Roger McKern – Police constable
    Angela Newmarch – Waitress

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