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    Deepwater Horizon – 2016

    Deepwater Horizon 2016 greek poster
    Action Movie

    Release Date:
    September 29, 2016

    107 minutes

    April 20th 2010, 5:30 in the morning. Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) wakes up to go to work. He will spend 21 days away from his wife Felicia (Kate Hudson) and his little daughter Sydney (Stella Allen). He is the chief electronics technician on Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Mike spends some romantic moments with his wife and later, they take their breakfast with their daughter. Sydney has prepared a school assignment. She will do a presentation about her dad’s work.

    Sydney Williams: My dad is Mike, he works in a drilling rig that pumps oil out from underneath the ocean.
    Mike Williams: And we’re the explorers.
    Sydney Williams: Like Dora.
    Mike Williams: Like Dora.
    Sydney Williams: That oil is a monster, like the mean old dinosaurs all that oil used to be. So for three hundred million years these old dinosaurs have been getting tighter and tighter and tighter and…
    Mike Williams: We’ve got to just use two “tighters”.
    [she uses a can of soda for her presentation]
    Sydney Williams: Then dad and his friends make a hole in the roof, and these mean old dinosaurs can’t believe it. Freedom! So they rush to the new whole. Then smack, they run into this stuff called mud.
    Mike Williams: Right, get it in there.
    [he hands Sydney a plastic bottle of honey, so that she can squeeze it into the Coca Cola can]
    Sydney Williams: That they cram down this straw, pulling the monsters down, then build them a new roof.

    Few seconds later, something goes wrong with the valve they used with the soda can, and Coca Cola pops out of the can like an explosion, making a big mess.

    Deepwater Horizon oil rig is 35 minutes off coast with a helicopter. The staff pass through strict security checks before the flight. Today there will be BP executives on Deepwater Horizon. There have been many problems with the preparation of the drilling – the staff call it “well from hell” – and they are 43 days behind the schedule. The BP executives give a security award to Jimmy Harrell (Kurt Russell), the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) of Deepwater Horizon. Their true role is to exercise pressure for the completion of the tests, so that they could begin pumping oil. During the second test everything goes wrong and results in one of the greatest man-made disasters.

    Our impressions and movie review:
    On April 20 2010, happened an ecological catastrophy. 11 people lost their lives. The oil spill contamination affected the health of nearby communities and the effect on marine flora and fauna cannot be easily calculated.

    At first, BP took legal action against Transocean and Halliburton. After pressure by the American Justice System based on the evidence and the testimonies against the oil company, they agreed to plead guilty on November 2012. BP paid $19 billion in fines and more than $23 billion to compensate those affected. The low-ranking executives directly involved in the incident, in 2015 were acquitted by the courts for the seaman’s manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter charges against them. Vidrine has pleaded guilty to negligently causing the massive oil spill. He was sentenced to 10 months of probation. Robert Kaluza was found not guilty. Some people claim that the low-ranking executives were used by BP as scapegoats to protect other high-ranking executives.

    Deepwater Horizon 2016 posterIn the movie, the presence of Kaluza and Vidrine aboard Deepwater Horizon and their mistakes, are used to criticize BP’s company policy. The drilling had a 43 days delay and the cost went everyday higher. BP wanted to reduce the cost and to begin the oil extraction process. If BP had spend $120.000 to perform a quality check of the cementation and check the structural integrity of the well, there would be no accident. The explosion at Deepwater Horizon proves for one more time, that the greed of corporations is in fact threatening the future of our planet.

    The very powerfull screenplay written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Matthew Sand, is based on the article Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours by David Barstow, David Rohde and Stephanie Saul that was published in New York Times on December 2010. Director Peter Berg ( “Hancock” – 2008, “Battleship” – 2012, “Lone Survivor” – 2013 ) does an excellent job and when you walk out of the theater you will be overwhelmed and moved.

    In the “Deepwater Horizon” movie you can see the last 12 hours before the disastrous explosion at Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the effort made by working men and women to put the fire under control and help each other. This is exactly the main theme of the movie: the heroic deeds of everyday people against the uncontrollable forces of nature.

    The film premiered on Toronto International Film Festival on September 13th 2016 and it will be released in IMAX theaters on September 30th 2016. Deepwater Horizon is a thrilling film that you must definitely watch!

    Deepwater Horizon – Trailer (Greek subs)

    11 people lost their lives on Deepwater Horizon.

    1. Jason C. Anderson, age 35
    2. Aaron Dale Burkeen, age 37
    3. Donald Clark, age 49
    4. Stephen Ray Curtis, age 39
    5. Roy Wyatt Kemp, age 27
    6. Karl D. Kleppinger Jr, age 38
    7. Gordon L. Jones, age 28
    8. Keith Blair Manuel, age 56
    9. Dewey A. Revette, age 48
    10. Shane M. Roshto, age 22
    11. Adam Weise, age 24

    Movie Quote from Deepwater Horizon

    Don Vidrine: We are 50 days late and the hole is not ready.
    Mike Williams: It is 43 and not 50 days. I expected people greedy for money to know simple maths.

    Movie Trivial from Deepwater Horizon

    • For the shootings the production constructed a 85%-scale oil rig. This is one of the biggest practical sets ever.
    • This is the first film that Kate Hudson works with her step-father Kurt Russell.


    Matthew Michael Carnahan, Matthew Sand

    Peter Berg

    Mark Wahlberg – Mike Williams
    Kurt Russell – Jimmy Harrell
    Douglas M. Griffin – Landry
    James DuMont – Patrick O’Bryan
    Joe Chrest – Sims
    Gina Rodriguez – Andrea Fleytas
    Brad Leland – Robert Kaluza
    John Malkovich – Donald Vidrine
    David Maldonado – Kuchta (as Dave Maldonado)
    J.D. Evermore – Dewey A. Revette
    Ethan Suplee – Jason Anderson
    Jason Pine – Stephen Ray Curtis
    Jason Kirkpatrick – Aaron Dale Burkeen
    Robert Walker Branchaud – Doug Brown
    Dylan O’Brien – Caleb Holloway
    Jonathan Angel – Gordon Jones
    Bill McMullen – Halliburton Rep
    Jeremy Sande – Adam Weise
    Kate Hudson – Felicia Williams
    Stella Allen – Sydney Williams
    Peter Berg – Mr. Skip
    Juston Street – Anthony Gervasio
    Anthony Centonze – Dan Barron / Roughneck #1 (as Tony Centonze)
    Zachary Guerra – Coast Guard Commander
    Chris Ashworth – Coast Guard Officer #1
    Graham McGinnis – Coast Guard Officer #2
    Robert Nash – Coast Guard Officer #3
    Henri Esteve – Andrea’s Housemate
    Sean Carter – ROV Operator
    Elizabeth Carey – Frenchman / Schlumberger #1
    Mustafa Harris – Bankston Crewman / Medic
    Joel Allen – Old Man Carl
    Henry Frost – Shane M. Roshto
    Terry Milam – Keith Blair Manuel
    Garrett Kruithof – Karl Kleppinger Jr.
    Michael Howell – Roy Wyatt Kemp (as Michael A. Howell)
    Ronald Weaver – Donald Clark
    Deneen Tyler – Paula Walker
    Jim Klock – Scared Crew Member
    Leighton Gonzales – ROV Operator #2
    Michael O’Brien – ROV Supervisor
    Garrett Hines – Wyman Wheeler
    Rob Steinberg – BP Rep
    Trace Adkins – Massive Man
    Kurt Peterson – Rescue Swimmer
    Cierra Price – Counter Agent #1
    Kenneth Billings – Crew Member
    Ilan Muallem – Andrea’s Boyfriend (as Ilan Srulovicz)
    Wesley Figaro – Coastguard Officer #4
    Jennifer Tamminen – Coastguard Officer #5
    Carliene O’Connor – Coastguard Officer #6
    Craig Shellenberger – First Mate
    Trent Zimmer – DP Officer
    Ronnie Cupstid – Subsea Engineer
    David William Donze – Still Photographer
    Micah le Blanc – Incoming Subsea Engineer
    Patrick Arabie – Chief Mechanic
    Brandt Allen – Aircraft Commaner
    Kelly Smith – Co-Pilot #1
    Stephen Nicoll – Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer
    Preston Brice – Roughneck #2
    Randolph Perkins – Rig Worker #1
    Cedric Gervais – Frenchman / Schlumberger #2
    David Grutman – Frenchman / Schlumberger #3
    Peter Trentacosta II – Life Boat Driver
    Jenny Kubiak – Counter Agent #2
    Steve Fisher – Transocean Employee
    Tawnya Carr – Bristow Advisory
    Meghan Gatto – Reporter #1
    Tom Yura – Reporter #2
    Sandra Santiago – Worried Mother
    Scott Francis Campbell – BP Escort (as Scott Campbell)
    Barry Fallon – BP Personnel
    Mark Schotz – Cowboy
    Anthony ‘Ace’ Thomas – Paula’s Husband
    Barker Carlock – Bankston Survivor #1
    Tracy B. Mann – Bankston Survivor #2 (as Tracy Mann)
    Richard Williams – Pilot
    Derek Thorsrud – Co-Pilot #2
    Nick Litchfield – Deepwater Rescue Swimmer
    Robert Lovett – Deck Hand
    Frédéric North – Helicopter Pilot (as Fred North)
    Mayla Parker – Voice of Natalie (voice)
    Darrell L. Shuler – Rig survivor
    Chris Angerdina – Bankston Tugboat Crew (uncredited)
    Michael D. Anglin – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Sue-Lynn Ansari – Passengers (uncredited)
    Robert Arceneaux – Rov tech (uncredited)
    John L. Armijo – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Nazeema Bartek – Heliport greeter (uncredited)
    Tony Beard – Transocean Supervisor (uncredited)
    Rusty Bourg – Lifeboat #1 (uncredited)
    Justin Burkhamer – Rig Survivor (uncredited)
    Jeff Caperton – Rough Neck – Survivor (uncredited)
    Devin Lord Chachere – Rig Survivor (uncredited)
    Timothy Cornelius – Lifeboat #1 (uncredited)
    Stephen J. Cortez – Rig Survivor (uncredited)
    Francis Dobrisky – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Micheal K. Douglas – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Bud Galloway – Lifeboat Evacuee (uncredited)
    Parker Hankins – Survivor’s Son (uncredited)
    Pixie Hankins – Survivor’s Daughter (uncredited)
    Gary A. Hecker – Special Voices (uncredited)
    Christopher Heskey – Ruffneck (uncredited)
    Julia Holt – Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
    Ronnie Hooks – Jimmy’s wife (uncredited)
    Adam Horwitz – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Jeremy D. Jackson – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Alexander Christopher Jones – Lifeboat Evacuee #2 (uncredited)
    Allyson Leigh Jordan – Wife (uncredited)
    Patrick Kearns – Rig Survivor (uncredited)
    John C. Klein – Channel 5 Cameraman (uncredited)
    Jenny Lacey – Flight Attendant (uncredited)
    Amanda Macon – Survivor’s Wife (uncredited)
    Rob Mars – Rough Neck (uncredited)
    Mike R. Moreau – Roughneck / Rig Survivor (uncredited)
    Duane Moseley – Evacuee (uncredited)
    Chuck Newsom – Heliport Crew (uncredited)
    Ron M Patterson – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Devin Posey – BP victim’s child (uncredited)
    Hannah Powell-Yost – Airline Passenger (uncredited)
    James Rawlings – Bankston Survivor #3 (uncredited)
    Sammy Romeo – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Robert Segari – Bankston Tugboat Crew (uncredited)
    Logan Douglas Smith – Roughneck (uncredited)
    Sean Stevens – Electrician (uncredited)
    Daryl Thibodaux – Photographer (uncredited)
    Danny Vince – Rig survivor (uncredited)
    Jacob Walker – Survivor (uncredited)
    Samuel A. Woodworth – Rig Survivor (uncredited)
    Jesse Yarborough – Roughneck (uncredited)

    Production Companies and Distributors:
    Summit Entertainment
    Participant Media
    Di Bonaventura Pictures
    Closest to the Hole Productions (as Closest to the Hole)
    Leverage Entertainment
    Imagenation Abu Dhabi FZ

    Official Site:




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