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    Asterix: the Land of the Gods – Astérix: le Domaine des Dieux – Asterix: the Mansions of the Gods – 2014

    Asterix: the Land of the Gods 2014Genre:
    Animation, Comics

    Release Date:
    November 26th, 2014

    85 minutes

    A handful of rebellious Gauls are a pain in Caesar’s… stomach. The Roman Emperor have tried many times to conquer the little Gaulish village and he have failed. Will he stop? If you think so, you are making a big mistake. Caesar might even succeed this time…

    His plan is simple: Roman civilization. The trees near the village of Asterix and Obelix will be cut, and apartment buildings will be built! The Romans will pay a high price to live in “the Mansion of Gods” – catchy name, don’t you agree? And what about the Gauls? “They will evolve or they will die”, says Caesar.

    The Gauls have beat in battle many times the Roman legionnaires. The same thing happens, of course, when the Roman try to build “the Mansion of Gods”. But things change when the first citizens come and settle in. The moral of the Gauls does not allow them to hit civilians. asterix domaine des dieuxThe Roman building are full of people, there is not even one apartment left. Soon, Roman citizens visit the little Gaulish village for shopping. Sestertii, the coins the Romans give to the Gauls to buy anything without bequeathing is how the “civilization” is enforced. Trade works like a Trojan Horse of Julius Caesar. Many Guals hurry to acquire Roman habits. Bad news for the little Gaulish village, but Asterix and Obelix have not said their last word!

    Our impressions and movie review:
    The Land of the Gods (Astérix: le Domaine des Dieux – 2014) is based on the comic book with the same title by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny, that was published in 1971. Thankfully 3d animation came to revive the film series with Asterix and Obelix cause “Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia” did not fare so well. There are many social and political messages, and many funny scenes. Alexandre Astier (director and writer of Kaamelott) and Louis Clichy (animator at “Up” and “WALL·E”) cooperated perfectly well and take us on a journey with the paper heroes of our youth. If you are a fan of Asterix and Obelix, or if you want to spend an afternoon with the family, buy tickets and enjoy the adventures of the most beloved Gauls in the whole world 🙂

    Asterix: the Land of the Gods – Asterix: the Mansions of the Gods – Astérix: le Domaine des Dieux – Trailer (English subs)


    Alexandre Astier, Jean-Rémi François, Philip LaZebnik

    Louis Clichy, Alexandre Astier

    Roger Carel – Astérix
    Lorànt Deutsch – Anglaigus
    Laurent Lafitte – Duplicatha
    Alexandre Astier – Oursenplus
    Alain Chabat – Sénateur Prospectus
    Elie Semoun – Cubitus
    Géraldine Nakache – Dulcia
    Artus de Penguern – Petiminus
    Lionnel Astier – Cétautomatix
    François Morel – Ordralfabétix
    Guillaume Briat – Obélix
    Florence Foresti – Bonemine
    Serge Papagalli – Abraracourcix
    Bernard Alane – Panoramix
    Laurent Morteau – Agecanonix
    Arnaud Léonard – Assurancetourix
    Joëlle Sevilla – Iélosubmarine / Matrone 2
    Philippe Morier-Genoud – César
    Christophe Bourseiller – Sénateur Falérius
    Brice Fournier – Sénateur Pesticius / Citoyen 1 / Brute romaine 2
    Olivier Saladin – Samus
    Florian Gazan – Travaillerpluspourgagnerplus
    Sébastien Lalanne – Radius
    Franck Pitiot – Humérus
    Damien Gillard – Médius / Brute romaine 1 / Romain 2
    Oscar Pauwels – Apeldjus
    Benjamin Gauthier – Médecin / Le guide / Romain 1
    Pascal Demolon – Gladiateur 1 (Goth)
    Baptiste Lecaplain – Gladiateur 2 (Numide)
    Louis Clichy – Romain benêt

    Production Companies and Distributors
    M6 Studio
    Grid Animation



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  1. Great movie for children and adults, i laughed a lot! I was not sure about the 3D animation (because older Asterix cartoons were drawn) but it was really beautifully done!

    Im a huge Asterix and Obelix and I’m really pleased with the result of the movie.

    Also nice how they implemented humour that both works for children and adults.

    Really a recommended movie for anyone.

    Looking forward to any sequels in this style.

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