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    Absolutely Anything – 2015

    absolutely anything 2015 greek posterGenre:
    Sci Fi

    Release Date:
    August 12, 2015

    85 minutes

    In 1972, NASA sent Pioneer 10 into deep space. In the spacecraft, there was a golden plaque with a message for any intelligent extraterrestrial being, and a “map” to Earth. Decades passed, people forgot about it, but the Pioneer 10 has finally reached the aliens! Four of them, who call themselves the Intergalactic Council. This is not the first time they get such a message. Millions civilizations have tried to contact other extraterrestrials, and still the Council members wonder why they depict themselves without clothes. But this is not the issue. Every time the Intergalactic Council gets in contact or discovers a new civilization, they evaluate them. How? The same way they will evaluate Earth!

    The usual test. One earthling will be picked up random to prove he can use absolute power for good… But if he uses it for evil, the Earth will be eliminated!

    absolutely anything pegg beckinsaleAll Earth people are entered into a digital “lottery” – and for a moment, it looks like Sarah Palin will be the chosen one – and finally the teacher Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) will become allmighty. Neil is an everyday man, without anything special or anything interesting. He likes his neighbour, the tv journalist Catherine (Kate Beckinsale), at the school he is hanging out with Ray (Sanjeev Bhaskar), he suffers – like everyone else – with the Headmaster (Eddie Izzard) and, instead of trying to get the attention of naughty students, he is detached.

    Till the day the aliens choose him to become an almighty superior being. What does Neil do when he discovers his omnipotency? He orders his clothes to dress him up, he makes his dog talk english and have a logical mind, and… he deals with his personal appearance.

    [he stands in front of the mirror]
    Neil Clarke: Give me a body that people find attractive!
    [He turns into a topless woman]
    Neil Clarke: No! A male body! Give me the body of a great man!
    [Turns into Albert Einstein]
    Neil Clarke: No! Give me the body of a man who people find attractive!
    [Turns into a hunky guy]
    Neil Clarke: Better.

    His irresponsibility will get him in trouble, the situation in his social enviroment becomes chaotic and the future of the Earth looks extremely bleak.

    Our impressions and movie review:
    Pegg and Mojo the dogWith Absolutely Anything” the Monty Python return to the big screen led by Terry Jones. Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin and of course Terry Jones, lend their voices to the members of the Intergalactic Council and to an alien hitman. The script, written by Jones and Gavin Scott, reminds the good times of Monty Python and the humour of the author Douglas Adams. Actually, as Terry Jones said in an interview, Adams had read the script and he really liked Dennis, Neil’s dog. And Dennis is a great dog indeed, and it is obvious that the screenwriters know and love dogs. The scenario have many comical momments – you will laugh out loud, and it offers some food for thought. A movie that you will enjoy, it will make you laugh, it will make you thing, and, tell me, what would you do if you had the power to do anything?

    Absolutely Anything – Trailer (Full HD, Greek subs)

    Movie Trivial for Absolutely Anything

    • Terry Jones said he got inspired reading the tale “The Man Who Could Work Miracles” by H.G. Wells.
    • This is the last movie with Robin Williams.
    • The movie premiered on August 12, 2015, exactly one year after the announcement of Williams’ death.
    • In the movie Absolutely Anything the Monty Python are together again (apart from Graham Chapman who died in 1989).
    • Judy Loe, Kate Beckinsale’s mother, makes a brief appearance in the movie.
    • The working title was “The Dog Who Saved The World”.


    Gavin Scott, Terry Jones

    Terry Jones

    Simon Pegg – Neil Clarke
    Kate Beckinsale – Catherine
    Robin Williams – Dennis (voice)
    Mojo the dog – Dennis
    Terry Gilliam – Maureen, Intergalactic Council member (voice)
    John Cleese – Sharon, Intergalactic Council member (voice)
    Terry Jones – Kylie, Intergalactic Council member (voice)
    Michael Palin – Janet, Intergalactic Council member (voice)
    Eric Idle – Salubrious Gat, the Extraterrestrial (voice)
    Joanna Lumley – Fenella
    Rob Riggle – Grant
    Eddie Izzard – Headmaster
    Alexa Davies – Sandwich Girl
    Sanjeev Bhaskar – Ray
    Emma Pierson – Miss Pringle
    Meera Syal – Fiona
    Ryan Oliva – Presidential Security
    Robert Bathurst – James Cleverill
    Judy Loe – Canteen Lady
    Marianne Oldham – Rosie
    Brian Cox – Himself
    Gavin Scott – Newsreader
    Mark Preston – Bob
    Marty McFly – Time Traveler
    Ronan Summers – Presidential Aid
    James Kermack – Policeman
    Mojo – Dennis
    David Annen – Newsreader
    Georgie-May Tearle – Ray worshipor
    Tony Pankhurst – Father
    Margarita Doyle – Señorita Lopez
    Gemma Rourke – Party Guest
    Marat Khairoullin – Zombie
    Lennon Clarke – Bank Robber
    Debbie J. Nash – Ray Worshipper
    Wilson – Grant
    Simon Coleman – Police Inspector
    Jud Charlton – Mortician
    James David Robinson – Steve
    Basia Forrest – Ray Worshipper
    Lasco Atkins – Party Guest (uncredited)
    Hannah Blamires – Photographer (uncredited)
    Stuart Budd – Passerby (uncredited)
    Jorge Leon Martinez – Celebrity (uncredited)

    Production Companies and Distributors:
    Bill and Ben Productions
    GFM films



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