Pirozhki – basic piroshki dough



1000 gr flour
48 gr instant yeast powder
1 tablespoon sugar
a little oil


Add the flour in a bowl, and make a little puddle in the center and add salt. Heat half cup of water to become warm (not above 40°C, less than 100°F), and dissolve in it the yeast and the sugar. Mix well and when it starts to “blossom”, add it to the bowl with the flour. Mix well and gradually add cups of lukewarm water, till we can knead the dough and it doesn’t stick on our hands.

In another bowl, big enough because our dough will rise, brush a little oil and place the dough inside. Cover it with a towel or use Saran Wrap, and a blanket. Let the dough rise for about an hour in a warm room.

When our dough is ready, we take a piece and make equal sized balls. Carefully roll each ball to become round and then we fill it with whatever we choose to make it a pie. Close it carefully, you do not want the filling to come out, and give shape. Fry our piroshki om hot oil until they become golden brown and then let them drain their excess oil on kitchen paper. Serve and enjoy your homemade piroshki pies.