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John Lennon’s lost letter to Steve Tilston

Dear Steve Tilston + Richard Howell Being rich doesn’t change your experiences in the way you think. The only difference basically is that you don’t have you worry about money – food – roof – etc. But all other experiences – emotions – relationships – are the same as anybodies. […]

“An Imperial Affliction”, by Peter Van Houten

“An Imperial Affliction” is an imaginary book by an imaginary author. It is mentioned on the book “The Fault In Our Stars” by famous author John Green. In an interview, John Green said that “An Imperial Affliction” is partially based on “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace and “The Blood […]

Combinations of the Kaleidoscope

The system of endless changes is one of the most astonishing properties of the Kaleidoscope. With a number of loose objects—pieces of glass, for example, it is possible to reproduce any figure we have admired, when it is once lost. Centuries may elapse before the same combination returns; if the […]

Humphrey Potter and the invention of the hand gear

It has been said that we are indebted for the important invention in the steam-engine, termed hand gear, by which its valves or cocks are worked by the machine itself, to an idle boy named Humphrey Potter, who, being employed to stop and open a valve, saw that he could […]

Waste of human life

In 1825, there was opened in Cochin-China a canal, 23 miles long, 80 feet wide, and 12 feet deep. It was begun and finished in six weeks, although carried through large forests and over extensive marshes. Twenty thousand men worked upon it day and night; and it is stated that […]

Invention of the telescope and early discoveries with it

It is singular that the epoch of the most extensive discoveries upon the surface of our planet was immediately succeeded by man’s first taking possession of a considerable part of the celestial spaces by the telescope. The powers of this instrument have not yet reached their limit. The feeble commencement, […]

First historical record of refined sugar

It appears from the accounts of the Chamberlain of Scotland, published from the originals in the Exchequer, that in the year 1329, loaves of sugar were sold in Scotland at the price of two shillings a pound. Stow’s Survey of London states sugar refining to have been commenced in England […]

Creators of Transformers

In Transformers: Age of Extinction, humans succeed in making their own Transformers robots, and Galvatron was the first robot designed by Joshua Joyce’s team. But, of course, humans are not the Creators of Transformers… In the same movie, towards the ending credits Optimus Prime says: “I send this message to […]

New Year Festival

At the first new moon of the new year, which sometimes occurs three weeks after New Year’s Day, the chiefs assemble and call what they term a “holy meeting,” the order of which is as follows: A bench or table is placed in the center of the circle of chiefs, […]

Practice of Sorcery by Iroquois Indians

The early history of the races of mankind, now civilized, is marked in all its course known to us by a belief in mysterious powers and influences. Sorcerers, men believed to be skilled in occult arts, have been known among them all. An examination into the actual practice of sorcery […]

The list of Captain American

The list of Captain American to “catch up” with modern world ( Winter Soldier ) Chilean Miner’s Rescues Maradona’s Hand of God Shakira Neri Vela (1st Mexican Astronaut) Octavio Paz (Nobel Winner) Thai Food Star Wars / Trek Nirvana (Band) Rocky (Rocky II?) Troubleman Marvin Gaye Latin America version TV […]