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“Humans of New York”, Brandon Stanton

A glance in the heart of New York city from the talented photographer and famous blogger Brandon Stanton!

The Washington Manual Geriatrics Subspecialty Consult

ISBN: 0781743796 ISBN-13: 9780781743792 Publication Date: September 2003 Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Elder people are the majority of patients in pathological clinics of Greece. Although their problems are in general problems of pathology, there are significant peculiarities regarding taking care of the elder people… These is the introductory paragraph […]

“Mayo Clinic on Managing Diabetes”, by Maria Collazo-Clavell

More than 6% of world’s population suffer from diabetes. In Greece, the rates are slightly more elevated: about 900.000 Greeks are diabetic, and the one-third of them are unaware of their condition. To return to global scale, researches show that improper blood sugar control accounts for the 5% of deaths […]

“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss”, by dr Mark Hyman

I am angry and frustrated. We are in the middle of a medical revolution that has finally unearthed the keys to permanent weight loss. This dramatic breakthrough can help fix the rampant obesity problem that’s affecting millions of Americans today. But I am angry because virtually no one knows about or is […]

“Life Without Limits”, by Nicholas James Vujicic

My name is Nick Vujicic (pronounced Voy-a-chich). I am twenty-seven years old. I was born without any limbs, but I am not constrained by my circumstances. I travel the world encouraging millions of people to overcome adversity with faith, hope, love, and courage so that they may pursue their dreams. […]

“Fifty Shades of Feminism”, by Lisa Appignanesi, Susie Orbach, Rachel Holmes

“Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James is about the relationship of a student with a young entrepreneur and the plot evolves around the erotic part of the story and in particular it is about Mr Grey’s sadism. Despite the negative reviews for the literature part of the book, […]