“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss”, by dr Mark Hyman


Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss

I am angry and frustrated.
We are in the middle of a medical revolution that has finally unearthed the keys to permanent weight loss. This dramatic breakthrough can help fix the rampant obesity problem that’s affecting millions of Americans today.
But I am angry because virtually no one knows about or is acting on the powerful information revealed in this revolution.
I am frustrated that the medical profession, our government and the food industry has ignored this information, either on purpose or by negligence.
I know because I have used this cutting-edge, yet hidden knowledge for over ten years at one of the world’s top health resorts, Canyon Ranch, and in my private practice to help thousands of people lose weight and keep it off for good.
This position allowed me to perform innovative testing to peek into the inner workings of the body in order to discover the keys to health and weight loss. I’ve spent years analyzing the wealth of data from these powerful tests. I had a unique opportunity to try different methods with my patients to discover what works and what doesn’t work for permanent weight loss.

Mark Hyman MD start with the above words his prologue on “Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss”. A book published in Greek by Modern Times in 2010, translated by Christina Eliassa. With this book the author opens the gate to knowledge that can help thousands of people – that means you too – to get rid off the annoying and above all unhealthy extra weight. And he continues…

This medical revolution is based on nutrigenomics—the science of how food talks to your genes—and promises to turn up your metabolism, help you lose weight, keep it off and get healthy for life.

And to aid us in accomplishing all these he wrote “Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss”, that he divided in three parts…

In Part I, I explore all the myths that confuse, confound, and mislead us in our struggle to lose weight and get healthy.
In Part II, I give you the keys to turn on your metabolism, turn on your fat burning genes, turn off your weight gain genes, and program your body to lose weight automatically.
In Part III, I detail a simple eight-week plan to help you lose weight based on your unique genetic needs. Since each of our bodies is different and may require more or less of certain nutrients to awaken our fat burning DNA, I show you exactly how to customize the program for your own particular needs.

… and he concludes …

The secret medical revolution explains why we are experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of obesity and chronic health problems. It provides a new roadmap to navigate our way back to health, fitness, and successful long term weight loss without starving ourselves or counting calories, fat grams, or carbs. We simply have to eat in harmony with our genes.

This new road is opened by Dr Mark Hyman in this book. He presents stories of people who have, already, taken that road and have seen great benefits doing so. He gives us clear insight on our body functions that are directly related to our weight and he presents clearly the Ultrametabolism method.

Ultrametabolism, unlike other diets including Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, Zone Diet etc, urges us to follow a new way of life, instead of taking a diet to loose weight. This new way of life can help us in many ways and let our body work better. It is a lifestyle with a diet that includes foods, as close to their natural state as possible, instead of “junk” promoted by the food industry. And we all know that “junk” food make us overweight and destroy our health. Ultrametabolism provides the seven keys for the gate to a healthier life with better quality of living. Will you use it?

I will try and I will follow Dr Mark Hyman advices. All these years as an overweight person I’ve tried and I’ve tried so many diets… one more won’t hurt me! And maybe, in this 412 pages, lies the solution to my problem. Maybe the solution for your problem as well! 🙂


The synopsis at the back of the book:

Discover How It’s Possible To Program Your Body to Automatically Lose Weight

For the first time ever, Mark Hyman, M.D., unveils his groundbreaking but simple plan for automatic weight loss.

Never before have all seven keys to permanent weight loss been integrated into a single plan.

Based on the cutting-edge science of nutrigenomics — the science of how food talks to our genes —UltraMetabolism® promises to reprogram your body to automatically lose weight by turning on the messages of weight loss and health and turning off the messages of weight gain and disease.

Inside UltraMetabolism®, You’ll Discover:

  • Why you actually need to eat carbs to lose weight — Page 41
  • Why your body is designed to gain weight, and what you can do to reprogram it to burn fat — Page 3
  • How several simple tests can pinpoint what’s causing your weight-loss attempts to fail, and what steps you can take to conquer the problems — Page 80
  • Why eating less and exercising more can actually make you fat. — page 12
  • How to control your appetite and feel full without counting carbs, fat or calories. — Page 84
  • How to turbo charge your metabolic furnace to burn extra fat while you sleep (Do this one thing wrong and you’ll actually force your body to pile o extra fat instead.) — Page 54
  • Why this one special food could be your missing link to losing weight (and why 95% of people don’t get enough.) — Page 51