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Sofia Kioroglou is an award winning poet, author of two poetry books, translator,lexicographer, journalist and painter born and bred in Athens, Greece. She is an avid reader and iconographer of saints and believes in human kindness and sacrifice. She would be a cave recluse in Raitho or Sinai had she not met her husband Peter in Jerusalem at the Holy Light Ceremony in 2012. Her work has won a number of distinctions and commendations in the international press, and has appeared in many international literary journals and books such as Silverbirchpress, Galleon Literary Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, Lunaris Review, The Blue Nib, In between Hangovers, Basil o ‘Flaherty, The Galway Review, Verse-Virtual, Winning Writers, Winamop, Halkyon Days, Ashvamegh, Aenaon, Pengician, Poet’s Corner, Writink Page, I am not a silent Poet, Poetic Diversity, Epok.gr, Dumas de Demain, tovivlio.net, Greek Poets of the Internet, Fractal, Festival for Poetry, Hephaestus Wein, Bonsaistories, the Poets of the World that I Loved, as well as in many anthologies like the Poetry against Terror Anthology, Singing together for ? , the Spiritual Horizons Anthology, the Poetry Against Inequality Anthology ,Voices without Veils, By Land and By Seas, Haiku and Tanka, the Universal Values Anthology to name but a few. Her flash fiction “Cubicle Coma” was selected for publication in Books’ Journal and Planodion. Sofia is a member of the Poets Unite Worldwide. Her poem” They bite the hand that feeds them ” was voted one of the best of February 2017 at the Festival of Poetry to be made into a movie.