“The ten Lepers” by Sofia Kioroglou

The ten Lepers

The ten Lepers

Being a leper all my life
I search for some truth
I seek to be cleansed
Spiritual, not a word
in my vocabulary
Never heard of the notion actually
Leprosy does not allow time for soul-searching
A social pariah, a scourge, a despicable bane
I crave to forsake
My skin flaking off in scales
like that Serpent that led us
astray from our path
When Jesus came along
I was sick but now I am cleansed
I was forlorn but now I am hopeful
I wonder what has become of my mates?
Human ingratitude more
sinister than Satan’s rage.

Sofia Kioroglou

The following work is Copyright © 2017, and owned by ​Sofia Kioroglou. It is published on matia.gr with the written permission from the author which we are grateful for.