Vasso’s Applepie (extremely famous)


7 red apples
1 glass brown sugar
1/2 glass honey
1 glass Italian Grappa
250 gr. blonde raisins
10 Grafschafter biscuits with milk
5 little spoons canela (cinnamon) powder

We take a deep pan and we put some butter all over it. Then we spread the biscuits like a floor carpet. The next move is to do a mix of: 7 red apples, 1 glass brown sugar, 1/2 glass honey, 1 glass Italian Grappa, 250 gr. blonde raisins, 2 biscuits cut in small pieces, 5 little spoons canela powder.
When the mix is ready (I mean it has become one thing) we put it on the biscuits and we spread it in every corner of our pan. Then we put our “creation” to the oven and we bake it for about 30 minutes in 150 oC, on hot air.
We serve with red wine and we try not to eat the whole apple-pie…