How to see my house live from satellite?


Click here and find quickly and easy the address you want to see from satellite view or with Google Street View!

A friend of mine was asking me time and again: How can I see my house live from satellite? I want to see my house from satellite! I told him try google earth. I can’t, I ‘ve tried but I can’t figure it out, please help, was his answer.

Let’s take it from the beginning. You can see satellite views, but of course not live, unless you work for the government 😉 To see my house from satellite we have two options: google and Microsoft Bing. Let’s take for example Acropolis, which is not my house of course, but it’s more interesting, don’t you think?

Acropolis (from maps of Microsoft Bing) and Acropolis (from Google Maps)

But there is even better quality images at Google Earth and MS Virtual Earth. You can either download the needed programs, or very easily install the relevent plugins in your browser.

On the url you can find the plugin from Google and on Microsoft’s program.

On 2014, Google has added a new option, Google Street View for greek cities. You just drag that little orange human figure on a blue spot on the map or just click here to see Acropolis.