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  • 26.07.17


    “Wadi Qelt” by Sofia Kioroglou

    Wadi Qelt

    In a deep and narrow gorge
    the wadi winds its tortuous course
    in a cliff face pocked with caves
    monks ensconced in steep enclaves

    Elijah was fed by ravens
    praised the Lord, beheld the heavens
    Down a steep and winding path
    What good is being a polymath?

    Wadi Qelt a holy place
    I feel God’s serene embrace
    past are now my life’s transgressions
    I embrace my sins as lessons.

    Sofia Kioroglou

    The following work is Copyright © 2017, and owned by ​Sofia Kioroglou. It is published on with the written permission from the author which we are grateful for.



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