Mocha Ice Cream (easy recipe)


one can sweetened condensed milk (397 gr)
one can evaporated milk (410 gr)
one can vegetable fat whipping cream (200 gr)
2-3 teaspoons instant coffee

We choose a bowl that we’ll put in the freezer. In that bowl, we beat, with the electric mixer on medium speed, the vegetable fat whipping cream. After 5 minutes with the mixer the cream will become fluffy and we put the mixer on the high-speed. We pour the sweetened condensed milk slowly into the bowl and continue to beat on high-speed. We dissolve the instant coffee in the evaporated milk and we add them to our bowl. We beat the mixture for about 5 more minutes and then we put the bowl in the freezer. After one and half, or two hours, we take it and we beat it again to become more fluffy. When you prepare it you may add more or less instant coffee, depending on your personal taste.

If we add one or two egg yolks in our mixture, our ice cream won’t have any crystals. The taste is n’t affected by the yolks, but be very careful to use fresh eggs.