The Grasshopper and the Ant


Once upon the time there was a Grasshopper and an Ant. The Grasshopper built its nest in the branches of a tree and the Ant to its roots.

It was summertime, and in the morning when the sun rose, Ant began working. The Ant came out of the nest and went looking for various seeds. When he found one, he loaded the seed on his back and carried it to his nest to store it. Sometimes the seeds were too big, so the Ant shuttered them in pieces before transferring them and that meant double trouble for the Ant. Our industrious friend worked from dawn till dusk.

On the other hand, the Grasshoper, woke up around noon. Grasshoper came out of the nest, eat something fast and started singing all day long, sometimes he would not stop before midnight. The Grasshoper only sang and ate, he did nothing else for the whole day. Well, not the whole day, remember that he spent half the day asleep.

The time passed day by day and summer is gone and gave place to autumn. The sky became clouded, light rain began to fall and the leaves one by one left the trees and fell to earth.

The Ant had stored enough supplies to get through the winter. Now he could sit and enjoy himself, listening the sound of the raindrops on dry leaves. The Grasshopper was desperate and was looking for something to eat but he could not find anything. He could not withstand the hunger, so he visited Ant, his neighbor, and said…

-My dear neighbor, please, give me something to eat because all the leaves have dried and there is no food to be found anywhere.
-But, what did you do in the summer?
-Oh! In the summertime I did not have time to gather supplies, because the weather was fine and I sang all day.
-If you sang in the summer, now you will dance in the winter.
With these words the Ant left and went to watch some belatedly birds flying south.

In a nutshell:
Always make preparations for the future, especially when you know in advance the needs that will arise. As the proverb says: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.