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The Lord’s eyes on the crucifix-icon opened

The Lord’s eyes on the crucifix-icon opened

A miraculous event has reportedly taken place within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Golgotha, the place of the Lord’s Crucifixion is also within the church, over which stands an altar. Under the altar, pilgrims can venerate the exact place where the Lord’s Cross was placed in the ground, and above the altar hangs a crucifix, on which hangs the crucified Lord with eyes closed.

According to Fr. Theodore Daoud and some friends of mine who happened to be there on that day, a miracle occurred on Wednesday, March 29, in which the Lord’s eyes on the crucifix-icon opened, and remained open throughout the day. There were several witnesses, according to Fr. Theodore. Kyriacos Emmanouilidis, a Greek tour guide in the Holy Land posts on his facebook page, on April 1, a photo of Jesus Christ with his eyes open, which his spiritual father sent him.

Father Theodore Daud writes on his Facebook page, “The miraculous event occurred before the eyes of many priests and visitors, including my friend Archimandrite Malateus Basal whose friend took the pictures, who assured me of what happened in detail, which is that the eyes of the crucified Christ on the icon -which are always closed- remained open throughout the day.” Fr. Theodore writes, “We look at this miracle and all miracles as a sign from God to strengthen our faith and to remember the Divine Love of the One who died on the cross for our sins. May we repent and prepare ourselves for a true Holy Week and Resurrection. Praise God for all things.”

This miracle occurred just a week after work on the edicule over the Lord’s tomb was finished, and two weeks before the great miracle of the Holy Fire, celebrated in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre annually on Holy Saturday.

The forehead of Jesus Christ was dripping sweat and blood

A young woman, who worked as an educator in Athens, visited the Holy Land for the first time, in 2010. The incident, she told us, happened quite unexpectedly one day in March at the Holy Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. Anyone who has visited the Holy Sepulchre, at least once, cannot but feel a sense of contrition and awe. Our Christ sister, Maria from Athens, lived through a great miracle.

She did not want to share it with me, but when I told her that I was preparing this book and people had to learn the truth about the miraculous apparitions of Jesus Christ, she acceded to the request. I agree with the decision of some brothers not to want their names mentioned, but sometimes this is necessary to avoid the scandal of some of our more skeptical brothers. However, for those who have their doubts, they can contact me to give them her contact details to confirm the miracle.

To come back to the admirable incident that happened to my friend and sister in Christ, when she entered the Holy Tomb to pray, she felt crushed but also grateful for the great blessing bestowed upon her to have come all this way to pray at the grave of Jesus. She kneeled down and felt a sense of serenity and tenderness. She stood up and left the Holy Tomb only to come face-to-face with Him. He was alive, looking at her. His eyes so piercing and voluble were speaking to her about all the things she was confiding in Him in that Tomb. Overwhelmed, our sister Maria burst into sobs and headed to the point where pilgrims extinguish their 33 candles and turned to face Him but He had disappeared. She saw Christ facing her. What a blessing!

The Nazarene drove out the demons

Father Panteleimon, has served the Holy Sepulchre for many years and has often witnessed miraculous events. At some point in his life, as he said, there was a girl who had been cast a spell on. Her friends and relatives were trying to put her in the Holy Aediculae but the demons wouldn’t let her. They were pulling her out but in the end she managed to disentangle herself from their clutches and stepped in. When he entered the Holy Tomb, the evil spirit started to mumble with a voice so creepy and grotesquely frightening that could have run anybody’s blood cold.
“Why are you mumbling?”, father Panteleimon asked:
“The Nazarene is here…” yelled the evil spirit
“Where’s the Nazarene?” Father Panteleimon asked
“He sleeps on that slab,” he said.
“Can you see him?” Father Panteleimon asked again visibly moved with a voice choking him
“I can see him,” it replied
“Oh, my God… Here’s our beloved Lord, our Jesus Christ” the Father exclaimed and smeared the girl with the holy oil from the cantela, making the sign of the cross on her forehead and, lo and behold, the demons were shamed and driven out ignonimiously.