The pigmy’s mission

There was once a pigmy living in a little cave. Near him dwelt a hunter in a wigwam. The pigmy sent to him and bade him visit him. The hunter went accordingly, and saw many wonderful things; the little people themselves in great numbers, and the corn and huckleberries and other berries which they had in plenty to eat. And the pigmy said: “This is our home, and all we have is given to us free, and although I am small I am stronger than you.” Then he showed him the games, and the bows and arrows and the dances, even the war dances and the hunter said when he had seen it all, “Let me go.” But the pigmy said, “Stay! Do you know my name? I am called Go-Ga-Ah (little fellow). I had my choice of name. I will let you out when I have told you our mission. We are to help you, and we have never injured you, but now we are going to move away from here. We are going where there is more danger from the giant animals, that we may help those who need our aid.” Then having finished his speech, he opened the door and let the hunter go on his way.

Myths of the Iroquois