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Hellenic Ministry of Culture

It is not possible to appraise Greek Culture as a whole, through a computer screen. Nevertheless, being aware of the force and the potentialities of new technologies, we tried to squeeze in this program the millennia of artistry, the centuries of outstanding art, the achievements of the human spirit, the routes on which the western civilization strode in order to reach its current form.



The HOMERION CULTURAL CENTRE of CHIOS MUNICIPALITY was founded in 1980 and became a legal entity in 1989. It is a building of multiple cultural uses and its existence is owed to the donation made to the Municipality of Chios by Michael and Stamatia Xylas in December, 1985.


Thessaloniki Film Festival

The International Thessaloniki Film Festival has become the Balkans' primary showcase for the work of new and emerging filmmakers, as well as the leading film festival in the region. The event features the International Section, the panorama of Greek films, the New Horizons program, the Balkan Survey, and numerous retrospectives and tributes to leading figures in the world of film.