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    The Martian – 2015

    The Martian 2015 greek posterGenre:
    Sci Fi

    Release Date:
    June 24, 2015

    141 minutes

    Man is finally on Mars. When a very fierce storm hits the Ares III team, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is lost and everyone presumes he is dead. Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain), head of the mission, facing the danger of losing more lives and without any evidence that Mark might have survived, orders to evacuate.

    the Martian 2015Few hours later, Mark regains his conscience and understands what has happened. The communication gear is destroyed, but even if he could send a message to Earth, 3 to 4 years would be needed for his rescue. His supplies are enough for 31 days. He can depend only on his own power. He wants to stay alive and to succeed, he plans to cultivate food on Mars. This might be impossible, or improbable, but this is the only option he has and Mark will do anything to stay alive.

    Back on Earth, Mindy Park (Mackenzie Davis) is studying Mars satellite pictures and, much to her surprise, she realises that Mark Watney is alive. She talks about it with Vincent Kapoor (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and they inform Teddy Sanders (Jeff Daniels). NASA’s chief decide to keep this a secret and explore their options to rescue the “Martian”, even though they are 225.000.000 km away. Mark, collected MESUR Pathfinder, and he used the solar panels and the old electronics to be able to contact Earth. Will they manage to rescue him?

    Our impressions and movie review:
    The movie “The Martian” is based on the best seller book by Andy Weir and Drew Goddard wrote a very good screenplay. The great Ridley Scott is directing and we believe that “The Martian” is way better – both scenario and direction – than “Prometheus”, and there is no reason to compare it with “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. Many people said that “The Martian” is a crossover between “Castaway” and “Apollo 13”, but while they have some things in common, the result is really different. Matt Damon is not Tom Hanks, but he is really good at the main role. Jessica Chastain and Kate Mara are lovely, Michael Peña, Sebastian Stan, Aksel Hennie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jeff Daniels are excellent.

    “The Martian” is a movie about hope and the fight for survival. This is a thrilling adventure with some funny elements. The movie premiere was on September 30th 2015 and you must see it!

    Movie Trivial for The Martian 2015

    • Andy Weir gave his book “The Martian” for free on his website. Later he made an amazon kindle edition for 99 cents. An agent talked to him and the book was published from Crown Publishing Group and it quickly became a best seller.

    The Martian – Trailer (Greek subs)


    Drew Goddard

    Ridley Scott

    Matt Damon – Mark Watney
    Jessica Chastain – Melissa Lewis
    Kristen Wiig – Annie Montrose
    Jeff Daniels – Teddy Sanders
    Michael Peña – Rick Martinez
    Sean Bean – Mitch Henderson
    Kate Mara – Beth Johanssen
    Sebastian Stan – Chris Beck
    Aksel Hennie – Alex Vogel
    Chiwetel Ejiofor – Vincent Kapoor
    Mackenzie Davis – Mindy Park
    Donald Glover – Rich Purnell
    Nick Mohammed – Tim Grimes
    Chen Shu – Zhu Tao
    Eddy Ko – Guo Ming
    Enzo Cilenti – Mike Watkins
    Jonathan Aris – Brendan Hatch
    Gruffudd Glyn – Jack
    Naomi Scott – Ryoko
    Geoffrey Thomas – U.S. President
    Yang Haiwen – Chinese Flight Director
    Narantsogt Tsogtsaikhan – Wen Jiang
    Brian Caspe – Timer Controller
    Matt Devere – Satcon
    Mike Kelly – Launcher Interface
    Szonja Oroszlán – Launch Control
    Greg De Cuir – Capcom
    Mark O’Neal – Guidance
    Peter Linka – Telemetry
    Declan Hannigan – Comms
    Peter Schueller – NASA Break Room Worker
    Waleska Latorre – Vincent’s Secretary
    Frederik Pleitgen – CNN Reporter
    Nikolett Barabas – Reporter 1
    Karen Gagnon – Reporter 2
    Lili Bordán – Reporter 3
    Charlie Gardner – Robert Lewis
    Nóra Lili Hörich – Vogel’s Wife
    Kamilla Fátyol – Marissa Martinez
    Yang Liu – Chinese Translator
    Xue Xuxing – Ming’s Secretary
    Richard Rifkin – JPL Store Man
    Nicholas Wittman – JPL Clean Room Worker 1
    Balázs Medveczky – JPL White Room Worker 2
    Ben O’Brien – JPL Pathfinder Team Member 1
    Scott Alexander Young – JPL Pathfinder Team Member 2
    Benedict Wong – Bruce Ng
    James Fred Harkins Jr. – Pathfinder developer (uncredited)
    Sam Spruell – NASA psychologist (uncredited)

    Production Companies and Distributors:
    Genre Films
    International Traders
    Mid Atlantic Films
    Scott Free Productions
    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation



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  1. We saw The Martian on our date and I am really glad about it!

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