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  • 16.06.15


    Survivor – 2015

    Καταδίωξη σε Δύο Ηπείρους survivor 2015 greek posterGenre:
    Action Movie

    Release Date:
    June 11, 2015

    96 minutes

    Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich) has been just assigned to the US Embasy in London. Most of her friends died in the 9/11 terrorist attack. This led her to work for the government and she has already stopped a terrorist attack, by analyzing the data she had quickly and correctly. Sam Parker (Dylan McDermott), head of security personnel, works with her and he really admires her talent.

    One day, while she checks Dr. Emil Balan (Roger Rees) documents for the USA Visa Waiver Program, something smells fishy to her. Bill Talbot (Robert Forster) intervenes and critisizes her for delaying a citizen that long. Kate decides to look into it, but she does not ask for the required security approvals from her superiors. Inspector Paul Anderson (James D Arcy) comes to the Embasy and formaly protests for Kate Abbott’s improper behaviour. Parker defends her, but Ambassador Maureen Crane (Angela Bassett) critisizes her stand and asks her to be more careful from now on.

    But who is this Dr Balan? His real intentions are unknown to Inspector Anderson or Ambassador Crane. And they would definitely not support him, if they knew that he is a member of a terrorist cell who will attack New York on New Year’s Eve. Abbott’s investigation jeopardizes their plans. Survivor 2015 So, they call a notorious hitman, Nash (Pierce Brosnan) aka Watchmaker, to assasinate her. He uses remotely detonated explosives, when Kate is with her colleagues at a restaurand. The blast kills them all, apart from Kate who coicidentaly went out for a while. Inspector Anderson is leading the investigations and with the few clues he finds he assumes that Kate is behind the attack! British Police and the hitman are after her. Will Kate manage to survive and stop the terrorists?

    Our impressions and movie review:
    The poor screenplay and the meaningless dialogues by Philip Shelby are, at their best, like a TV Movie. James McTeigue directs withour nerve and without making the actors give their best. Yet, photography is good, with beautiful frames and we must note that McTeigue used to be Director of Photography for many films. The best movie scene is when Pierce Brosnan uses a cable to catch Milla Jovovich who is running down the stairs. When you see this scene you will know it 😉

    Jovovich was non believable as a world class spy, but Brosnan seemed to overcome the director and gave a good performance. Frances de la Tour stands out, despite her small role, and Dylan McDermott was good too.

    If you are a fan of spy movie, then you will see this, no matter what I say, right?

    Survivor – Trailer (Full HD, Greek subs)


    Philip Shelby

    James McTeigue

    Pierce Brosnan – Nash the Watchmaker
    Milla Jovovich – Kate Abbott
    Frances de la Tour – Sally
    Dylan McDermott – Sam Parker
    Paddy Wallace – Johnny Talbot
    Parker Sawyers – Ray
    Bashar Rahal – Militiaman #2
    Royce Pierreson – Range Finder
    Ben Starr – Sniper
    Sean Teale – Alvin Murdock
    Rege-Jean Page – Robert Purvell
    Jing Lusi – Joyce Su
    Antonia Thomas – Naomi Rosenbaum
    Robert Forster – Bill Talbot
    Jerry-Jane Pears – Nymphet (as Jerry Jane Pears)
    Roger Rees – Emil Balan
    Benno Fürmann – Pavlou (as Benno Furmann)
    Alisa Atanasova – Simone
    Genevieve O Reilly – Lisa
    Andy Ajiz – Sri Lankan Scientist
    Sabine Crossen – New Zealand Scientist
    Zak Shukor – Cambodian Scientist
    Jean Baptiste Fillon – Belgian Scientist (as Jean-Baptiste Fillion)
    Malcolm Sinclair – Perry
    Alex Beckett – Howie
    James D Arcy – Paul Anderson
    Angela Bassett – Maureen Crane
    Dimo Alexiev – Waiter (as Dimo Aleksiev)
    Katarzyna Wolejnio – Saleswoman
    James Howard – CTC Agent #1
    Sonya Cassidy – Helen
    Sam Clemmett – Teen With Phone
    Steven Robertson – Trevor
    Faye Barker – News Reporter In The Park
    Peter Chong – Old Chinese Couple (as Peter)
    Hazel Chong – Old Chinese Couple
    Aaron Ly – Cantonese Businessman
    Chloe Hesar – Theater Cashier
    Terry Randall – Newsreader #1
    Marna Rowe – Newsreader #2
    Corey Johnson – Eric Loomis
    William Tapley – Marine Commander
    Christa Connor – Immigration Office
    Samantha Coughlan – Ticket Agent #1
    Susannah Allman – Ticket Agent #2
    Alexis Peterman – Flight Attendant
    Kayko Andrieux – Flight Attendant #2
    Lucy Newman-Williams – Supervisor (as Lucy Newman Williams)
    Andrew De La Rocha – Immigration Office
    Gregory Dix – Port Authority Cop
    Naveed Khan – Gypsy Cabbie
    Suanne Braun – US Commentator
    Leemore Marrett Jr. – Times Square Cop
    Doug Cockle – Burly Worker #1
    David Menkin – Traffic Cop
    Ian Porter – Concierge #2
    Robin Byers – NYPD Cop #1

    Production Companies and Distributors:
    Nu Image Films
    Millennium Films
    Winkler Films
    Survivor Productions



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