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  • 15.09.14


    Sin City: a Dame to Kill For – 2014

    Sin City η Κυρία θέλει ΦόνοGenre:

    Release Date:
    August 19, 2014

    102 minutes

    Ava, the wife of the rich Damien Lord, asks her old lover Dwight McCarthy to help and protect her. She uses her kisses, and… not only, to persuade him that her husband instructs her bodyguard, Manute, to physically abuse her. After some meetings with Manute, who beats him time and again, Dwight decides to invade Damien’s villa and set Ava free. However, he knows that he cannot do it alone. So he convinces, with some small talk and even more free drinks, the gigantic Marv to help him. But Dwight does not know that Ava lied to him and used her beauty with only one purpose: to become a rich widow…

    Somewhere else in Sin City, Johnny, a young gambler, has set his eyes on the corrupt Senator Roark. Roark rants about his abilities in poker and Johnny wants to beat him at his own game. But it is never a good idea to try a man with the dark past of Roark, and the even darker and spiteful character. Johnny is not the only one who has a problem with Senator Roark. Nancy the stripper wants to kill him to avenge the death of John Hartigan. However, many years have passed and still she cannot gather her courage to do it.

    Our impressions and movie review:
    Robocop 2, 300: Rise of an Empire and now Sin City: a Dame to Kill For… Frank Miller and sequel movies are not on good terms with, but the sequel to Sin City might be the exception to the rule. Robert Rodriguez is pretty good as a director in this movie, but the strong cards are the script and the casting.

    Sin City: a Dame to Kill For - 2014Mickey Rourke really enjoys his role and Josh Brolin gives a performance that we will remember for a long time. Bruce Willis has little screen time, but he is enjoyable as ever, and the totally nude Eva Green is a reason on her own to watch this movie. Good performances are also given by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson and Powers Boothe. I expected more from Jessica Alba, her part as written by Frank Miller had many pottentials that she left unexploited, but, what can we do, we cannot have it all…

    Frank Miller’s comics meet once again with film noir. If you liked the first Sin City movie or if you wish to see a violent criminal movie, don’t miss Sin City: a Dame to Kill For!

    Sin City: a Dame to Kill For – Trailer (Greek subs)


    Frank Miller

    Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez

    Mickey Rourke – Marv
    Jessica Alba – Nancy
    Josh Brolin – Dwight
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Johnny
    Rosario Dawson – Gail
    Bruce Willis – Hartigan
    Eva Green – Ava
    Powers Boothe – Senator Roark
    Dennis Haysbert – Manute
    Ray Liotta – Joey
    Christopher Meloni – Mort
    Jeremy Piven – Bob
    Christopher Lloyd – Kroenig
    Jaime King – Goldie / Wendy
    Juno Temple – Sally
    Stacy Keach – Wallenquist
    Marton Csokas – Damien Lord
    Jude Ciccolella – Lt. Liebowitz
    Jamie Chung – Miho
    Julia Garner – Marcie
    Lady Gaga – Bertha
    Alexa PenaVega – Gilda
    Patricia Vonne – Dallas
    Bart Fletcher – Flint
    Alejandro Rose-Garcia – Buzz
    Samuel Davis – Frat Boy #3
    Mike Davis – Frat Boy #4
    Kimberly Cox – Lillian
    Alcides Dias – Tony
    Vincent Fuentes – Abdul
    Billy Blair – Louie
    Rob Franco – Luigi
    Daylon Walton – Gordo
    Eloise DeJoria – Joey’s Wife
    Bob Schreck – Mulgrew
    Sylvia Froman – Landlady
    Lawrence Varnado – Boogaard
    Jimmy Gonzales – Jacoby
    Tommy Townsend – Wino Old Timer
    Robert Lott – Cowboy
    Gregory Kelly – Godzilla
    Patrick Sane – Gorgo
    Greg Ingram – Mothra
    Will Beinbrink – Lawyer
    Dimitrius Pulido – Maitre D
    John Wirt – Heavy
    Emmy Robbin – Flamethower
    Luis Albert Acevedo Jr. – Security Guard #1
    Christian Bowman – The Man
    Johnny Reno – Weevil




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