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    Romantics Anonymous – Les Emotifs Anonymes – 2010

    Ανώνυμοι ρομαντικοίGenre:
    French Cinema

    Release Date:
    November 9th, 2010

    80 minutes

    Jene-Rene has a chocolatier with huge economical problems. Angelique is an excellent chocolate maker who – after the death of her former boss – is looking for a job. Both are shy and have a bunch of phobias. Jene-Rene hires Angelique as a seller, after a misunderstanding. Angelique will try to help her company from her position, because she is a responsible employee and she is emotionally attached to her employer. He is interested in her as well, but both of them are too shy and too sensitive. What will happen next? Thank God the rest employees will give a hand, and so will the team members of “Romantics Anonymous”, a group that Angelique attends. Just wait and see!

    Our impressions and movie review:
    Les Emotifs AnonymesWhile the exact translation of the movie title is “Romantics Anonymous” it should be “Timid Anonymous”. Lovable but shy people, especially in personal relationships. A very clever and interesting movie script, surrounded with good performances by the actors, is the recipe for this wonderful romantic comedy. You will laugh, you will sympathise with the protagonists, you will become furious with their timidity… in a nutshell… “Romantics Anonymous – Les Emotifs Anonymes” is one of those movies that you don’t just watch them. You live them! 😀

    Les emotifs anonymes – Romantics Anonymous – Trailer


    Jean-Pierre Améris, Philippe Blasband

    Jean-Pierre Améris

    Benoît Poelvoorde – Jean-René Van Den Hugde
    Isabelle Carré – Angélique Delange
    Lorella Cravotta – Magda
    Lise Lamétrie – Suzanne
    Swann Arlaud – Antoine
    Pierre Niney – Ludo
    Stéphan Wojtowicz – Le psychologue
    Jacques Boudet – Rémi, émotif anonyme
    Alice Pol – Adèle, émotif anonyme
    Céline Duhamel – Mimi, émotif anonyme
    Philippe Fretun – Maxime, émotif anonyme
    Grégoire Ludig – Julien, émotif anonyme
    Philippe Gaulé – Philippe, émotif anonyme
    Joëlle Séchaud – Joëlle, émotif anonyme
    Isabelle Gruault – Sylviane, émotif anonyme
    Claude Aufaure – M. Mercier
    Philippe Laudenbach – Le président du jury du salon du chocolat
    Marie-Christine Demarest – Madame Legrand
    Pascal Ternisien – le serveur restaurant
    Jean-Yves Chatelais – le réceptionniste
    Christiane Millet – la mère d’Angélique

    Nektarios Papaspirou


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