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    Interview with the Vampire – 1994

    Interview with the VampireGenre:
    Horror Movies

    Release Date:
    November 11, 1994

    123 minutes

    What questions would a vampire answer in an interview? What else than the history of his life since he ceased to be a mortal…

    It was 1791 south of New Orleans. Louis lived there and possessed a large plantation. Six months ago the woman he loved left her last breath on the birth of their child. After the burial of the two of them, Louis lost any appetite for life. interview with the vampire brad pittThe only thing he longed for was death. Instead of death, Lestat came and gave him… the eternity! Thus, Louis left the world of the mortals behind and joined the dark side. In the beginning he refused to feed on human blood. But soon this became to be a problem. Lestat made him a vampire because he wanted to have some company. For this same reason, he brought young Claudia along, something that will perplex the things in unexpected ways…

    Our impressions and movie review:

    “Interview with the Vampire” is considered by many cinephils as a classic in this genre. Excellent scenario, superb performances – even from Tom Cruise – of the dramatic roles of the protagonists and atmospheric scenery that tie the previous two and elevate the movie to higher artistic levels. So… since vampires did not start with Edward Cullen… the scenario for the movie adaptation is written by the author Anne Rice who published the novel “Interview with the Vampire” in 1976!

    Interview with the vampire – Trailer


    Anne Rice

    Neil Jordan

    Brad Pitt – Louis de Pointe du Lac
    Christian Slater – Daniel Malloy
    Tom Cruise – Lestat de Lioncourt
    Kirsten Dunst – Claudia
    Antonio Banderas – Armand
    Virginia McCollam – Whore on Waterfront
    John McConnell – Gambler
    Mike Seelig – Pimp
    Bellina Logan – Tavern Girl
    Thandie Newton – Yvette
    Lyla Hay Owen – Widow St. Clair
    Lee E. Scharfstein – Widow’s Lover
    Indra Ové – New Orleans Whore
    Helen McCrory – 2nd Whore
    Monte Montague – Plague Victim Bearer
    Nathalie Bloch-Lainé – Maid
    Roger Lloyd Pack – Piano Teacher
    George Kelly – Dollmaker
    Stephen Rea – Santiago

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