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    Furious 7 – Fast & Furious 7 – 2015

    Furious 7Genre:
    Action Movie

    Release Date:
    April 2, 2015

    137 minutes

    Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), is full of rage for his brother Owen death, and wants to take revenge. To find information, he goes to the office of the FBI agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and copies files from his computer. At that moment, Hobbs returns to the office and Deckard attacks him. Agent Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) hears the noises and goes to check what is going on. Deckard throws a grenade. Hobbs grabs Elena and they jump out of the window to save their lives. They don’t get hurt from the explosion, but they end up in the hospital with broken ribs. Thank God!

    Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who still suffers from amnesia, tells Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) goodbye. Dominic goes to discuss with his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), and meets with his nephew and Brian O’Conner (Paul William Walker), who is his friend and brother-in-law. Mia tells him she received a parcel for him from Tokyo and then his mobile phone rings. It is Deckard and he tells Dom he just killed Han (Sung Kang) and Dom is his next target. The phone shows that the call was from Tokyo, and Dom realises that the parcel is booby-trapped with explosives. He shouts that everyone should take cover and at that time the bomb explodes destroying the house completely! Fortunately they all were outside and nobody got hurt.

    Furious 7Frank Petty (Kurt Russell), a high ranked official of the Secret Service, known as… Mr Nobody, is the new player. Frank explains to our team that it is very difficult to track down Deckard Shaw. But there is God’s Eye, an innovative device that can hack into any pc, mobile phone or gps in the world. Megan Ramsey (Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel), the genius who designed it, has been arrested by a foreign secret service. And of course our friends will help her escape!

    Our impressions and movie review:
    Furious 7 Lykan HypersportThe “Fast & Furious” franchise has a simple recipe: pretty women, unbelievably fast cars and breathtaking action scenes. The laws of Physics do not really matter. The cars of the protagonists jump from a plane, parachutes open and they land with their wheels spinning fast. In another scene they “fly” from one skypescraper to the next one driving a Lykan Hypersport – take note that there are less than ten Lykan Hypersport cars in the whole world and each one cost more than $3.000.000. And since we are talking about money, “Furious 7” movie budget is $250.000.000 – almost two times the budget for “Fast & Furious 6”.

    In November 2013, and while the film shootings have not been completed, Paul Walker died in a car crash. The car, a Porsche Carrera GT, was driven by Roger Rodas, a friend and business associate of Paul. Unfortunately like is not like the movies, and the excessive confidence in our abilities and in a car, can have disastrous results. May God rest their souls in peace. Filming was completed with the help of Paul’s brothers and the movie “Furious 7” is dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker.

    “Furious 7” premiered at greek movie theaters at April 2nd 2005 distributed by UIP.

    Furious 7 – Fast & Furious 7 – Trailer (Full HD, Greek subs)

    Movie Quote from Furious 7 – Fast & Furious 7 – 2015

    [Hobbs catches Shaw accessing his computer. He clears his throat to get Shaw’s attention]
    Hobbs: You sure as hell ain’t the I.T. guy.
    Deckard Shaw: One second…
    Hobbs: You just earned yourself a dance with the devil, boy. You’re under arrest.
    Deckard Shaw: Like I said: I’m here for the team that crippled my brother.
    Hobbs: There was no damn team. It was just one man… and he’s standing right in front of you.
    [Shaw removes his USB flash drive]
    Deckard Shaw: Like Elena said: You’re a terrible liar.

    Movie Quote from Furious 7 – Fast & Furious 7 – 2015

    Brian O’Conner: Do you realize what this is? Lykan HyperSport. $3.4 million, 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. There’s seven of these in the world and this guy keeps it locked up in a vault.
    Dominic Toretto: Nothing’s sadder than locking a beast in a cage.
    Brian O’Conner: I wanna punch him in the face.

    Movie Quote from Furious 7 – Fast & Furious 7 – 2015

    Brian O’Conner: [Etihad towers scene] Cars can’t fly, Dom, cars can’t fly!

    Movie Trivial for Furious 7 – Fast & Furious 7 – 2015

    In Furious 7 we see the following cars:

    • W Motors Lycan Hypersport
    • Subaru Impreza WRX STi
    • Dodge Charger R/T
    • Dodge Challenger SRT-8
    • Chevrolet Camaro
    • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
    • Aston Martin DB9
    • Maserati Ghibli
    • Kässbohrer Setra S 215 HDH Transcontinental
    • Hyundai Elantra
    • Plymouth Barracuda
    • Plymouth Road Runner


    Chris Morgan

    James Wan

    Vin Diesel – Dominic Toretto
    Paul Walker – Brian O’Conner
    Jason Statham – Deckard Shaw
    Michelle Rodriguez – Letty Ortiz
    Jordana Brewster – Mia Toretto
    Tyrese Gibson – Roman Pearce
    Ludacris – Tej Parker
    Dwayne Johnson – Luke Hobbs
    Lucas Black – Sean Boswell
    Kurt Russell – Frank Petty aka Mr. Nobody
    Nathalie Emmanuel – Megan Ramsey
    Elsa Pataky – Elena Neves
    Gal Gadot – Gisele
    John Brotherton – Sheppard
    Luke Evans – Owen Shaw
    Tony Jaa – Kiet
    Djimon Hounsou – Jakande
    Noel Gugliemi – Hector
    Ali Fazal – Safar
    Sung Kang – Han
    Ronda Rousey – Kara
    Iggy Azalea – Female Racer
    Miller Kimsey – Jack
    Charlie Kimsey – Jack
    Eden Estrella – Samantha Hobbs
    Gentry White – Letty’s Fan
    Jon Lee Brody – Male Racer
    Levy Tran – Race Starter
    Anna Colwell – Hot Teacher
    Viktor Hernandez – Doctor
    Steve Coulter – Priest
    Robert Pralgo – Merc Tech
    Antwan Mills – Weapons Tech
    J.J. Phillips – Billionaire
    Jorge Ferragut – Dominican Priest
    Sara Sohn – Hana
    Benjamin Blankenship – Merc Driver
    D.J. Hapa – DJ
    Faheem Najm – DJ
    Brian Mahoney – Drone Tech
    Brittney Alger – Jasmine
    Romeo Santos – Mando
    Jocelin Donahue – Advisor
    Stephanie Langston – Field Reporter
    Jorge Luis Pallo – Cop
    Daniel McGraw – Dubai Party Guest

    Production Companies and Distributors:
    Universal Pictures
    Fast 7 Productions
    One Race Films
    Original Film




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