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  • 23.01.15


    Dumb and Dumber To – 2014

    Dumb and Dumber to 2014Genre:

    Release Date:
    November 7th, 2014

    109 minutes

    Have you missed Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne? That’s natural! Twenty years have passed, both in our own world (the first film was released in 1994), and in their own. What were they doing all this time? Not many things… after all they are Dumb and Dumber. Lloyd was committed, and on the clinic they give him antidepressants. Harry visits him every week. Until, one day, Harry tells him that doctors have diagnosed that he needs a liver transplantation, or he will day. At that moment, Lloyd breaks his silence and admits that all these year he was pretending to be catatonic to make Harry a prank! So, they leave the clinic together to find Harry’s daughter. She is his only relative and his only chance for a matching donor. As you can already guess, everything will become a mess, or should I say madness? Let’s be even more precise: it’s Dumb’s and Dumber’s time!

    Our impressions and movie review:
    “Dumb and Dumber To” follows the path of the first movie, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the lead roles, and has 109 minutes of abundant laughs and some emotional moments. I believe this sequel is better than the first film, even though the passage of time is evident in the faces and the movements of the protagonists. I am sure you have seen the first movie, so I urge you to watch this fresh approach of those loveable dumb fellows. I am sure you will laugh with your soul and that’s what we all want 🙂

    Dumb and Dumber To – Trailer (Greek subs)


    Sean Anders, Mike Cerrone, Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly, John Morris, Bennett Yellin

    Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

    Ηλίθιος και πανηλίθιος Δίο
    Jim Carrey – Lloyd Christmas
    Jeff Daniels – Harry Dunne
    Rob Riggle – Travis / Captain Lippincott
    Laurie Holden – Adele
    Rachel Melvin – Penny
    Steve Tom – Dr. Pinchelow
    Don Lake – Dr. Meldmann
    Patricia French – Ms. Sourpuss
    Kathleen Turner – Fraida Felcher
    Tembi Locke – Dr. Walcott
    Brady Bluhm – Billy
    Eddie Shin – Gordy
    Atkins Estimond – Gus
    Tommy Snider – Tom
    Lindsay Ayliffe – Professor Garabedian
    Michael Yama – Harry’s Dad
    Nancy Yee – Harry’s Mom
    Grant James – Mr. Stainer
    Taylor St. Clair – Mrs. Stainer
    Dalton E. Gray – Young Harry
    Carly Craig – Young Fraida

    Production Companies and Distributors:
    Universal Pictures
    Red Granite Pictures
    New Line Cinema
    Feelgood Entertainment

    Nektarios Papaspirou



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